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September 18, 2018


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If there’s one thing we love here at Alma, it’s plants! They have a way of lighting up a space and making you feel warm & welcome! So today, we’re sharing 3 places to add plants and flowers in your home. And hey, we think you should use this post as an excuse to go out and buy some fresh blooms! 🙂


Bathroom vanities have a way of being washed out with the rest of the design if there’s no where to stop and rest your eyes. This is why we love adding fresh blooms to our bathroom vanities. They bring a pop of color and interest to your space and help direct your eyes to the beautiful design. Also, morning person or not, there’s no better way to boost your mood than getting ready next to fresh flowers!


Fireplaces are many times the focal point of a room, so why not make it even more eye-catching with some fresh flowers and/or greenery displayed on your mantel? We like to use a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to add balance. If the upkeep for fresh flowers/plants is too difficult, there are also many artificial plants that look just as stunning.


Okay, I think you can safely say that we saved the best location for last. Bedside tables are the perfect place for flowers and greenery because they instantly liven your bedroom. Some of our favorites include: peonies, tulips, and hydrangeas. Smaller plants can be layered on-top of books and larger plants can stand alone in a vase or pot.

Design: Alma Homes

Photography: Laura Rae Photography, Alma Homes

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