5 Cabinet Colors for Your Kitchen

April 28, 2022


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You might be thinking to yourself, new year, new kitchen, and we’re right there with you! A change in a year or even season triggers the urge within all of us to create a clean slate at home, which may include painting your kitchen cabinets. There’s something about a fresh coat of paint that brings new life to spaces that began to feel dull. Whether you’re in a season of a refresh, remodeling or building, our team of designers has rounded up five stunning shades to try on our cabinets in 2022. Have a look below:

SW 7036 Accessible Beige

Without a doubt, accessible beige is a tried and true kitchen cabinet color that continues to grow in popularity as the years’ pass. Accessible Beige is a light warm greige paint color. Unlike many beige paint colors, it has some gray in it, which allows it to be part of the greige family.

BM OC-17 White Dove

If you are looking for a soft, creamy, and bright shade of white for your kitchen cabinets, then White Dove is your perfect match. This versatile shade is a clean white paint color perfect for almost any room (don’t forget interior walls, ceilings, moldings, and trim). It creates a bright feel, and the color’s warmth makes it a perfect whole home color.

BM HC-154 Hale Navy

Lately, we’ve been seeing bold, and moody colors takeover the kitchen design space! We love our navy blues and have used Hale Navy as an exterior and accent wall paint color in the past, so when we saw this photo by Scout & Nimble, we had to share. A timeless classic, this deeply saturated shade of navy blue evokes a timeless and traditional design appeal.

BM 2140-30 Dark Olive

As we continue to see bold blues and blacks making a strong appearance in kitchen spaces this year, shades of green have also put themselves at the color wheel forefront. We love that Dark Olive is a more muted green that infuses kitchen spaces with earthiness and elegance. It’s a lovely gray-green, not too dark and very soft. It’s a gorgeous island color paired with white cabinets if you don’t want to dive into colored cabinets fully.

BM 1617 Cheating Heart

Let’s take a shift from beiges, greiges, and grays to something bold, authentic, dark, and striking…Benjamin Moore Cheating Heart. There’s something about a bold shade of black kitchen cabinets that packs a punch anLet’s take a shift from beiges, greiges, and grays to something bold, authentic, dark, and striking…Benjamin Moore Cheating Heart. If you’re scared to go with dark cabinets, you can rest assured that cheating heart is actually inspired by a deep navy blue. It’s so dark and diluted, that the navy blue almost takes a backseat to the neutral base in this bold color.

Do we have you convinced to try a new kitchen cabinet shade in 2022? Let us know if you try any of these shades in the comments below! Follow us on Instagram @almahomes for more home inspiration.

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