5 Practical Kitchen Features to Include in a Custom Home

July 20, 2023


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When it comes to kitchen features, we want every kitchen we design to be two things: beautiful and extremely functional. The kitchen is by far the most important room in your home, since it is where so many family activities occur. Whether you’re cooking, having family dinner, or entertaining, it should be a space you enjoy, and thoughtful kitchen features and design can ensure that happens.

If you’re in the process of building or remodeling a home, consider including these five features to instantly elevate your home.

1. Pot Filler

Alma Homes 5 Practical Kitchen Features to Include in a Custom Home
#thelakeloft by Alma Homes

Tired of carrying heavy, water-filled pots from the sink all the way to the cooktop? That’s why you need a pot filler! Okay, well, you don’t need one, but we highly suggest one. It’s impossible to deny the functionality that a pot filler can give you! If you enjoy cooking and baking, you’re going to LOVE having a pot filler in your kitchen. Plus, you can use it for more than just cooking: water for tea, coffee, the pets, etc. — it’s so convenient!

In addition, pot fillers are one of those kitchen features that screams luxury. There is just something about a perfectly designed, extendable faucet against your kitchen backsplash that tells people that this is a thoughtfully designed, high-end, custom kitchen.


2. Island Outlets

Alma Homes 5 Practical Kitchen Features to Include in a Custom Home
#pinegroveproject by Alma Homes

Seems minimal, right? But we promise you’ll utilize these outlets all the time — maybe even daily! Make sure your kitchen design includes plenty of electrical outlets in areas where you plan to use any countertop appliances, charge any electronics, etc. Outlets along the walls and backsplash are common, but don’t forget the island! In most areas, they actually are required per code, but you may want to install more than code requires.

3. Mixer Riser

If you’re firmly into the idea of putting your shiny, new KitchenAid on display, we get it — you do you! But we’re all about functional, seamless designs. So for those who prefer to keep it stashed or need the extra counter space, we love adding a mixer riser! This is our go to mixer riser. It provides easy access to your (very heavy) mixer whenever you need it. And when you’re done using it, it easily pushes back into the cabinet out of sight.

4. Spice Storage

Alma Homes 5 Practical Kitchen Features to Include in a Custom Home
#thelakeloft by Alma Homes

There are many ways to store your spices these days, so this is something we discuss with our clients when we are working through their designs. At #thelakeloft, we put our most commonly used spices on display right next to the stove. The other spices are stored in a drawer with drawer organizers. We also have had clients do pull out spice racks on either side of their range. You can head to our Amazon storefront to shop some of our favorite spice storage solutions.


5. Air Switch

Alma Homes 5 Practical Kitchen Features to Include in a Custom Home
#projectenchanting by Alma Homes

If you have a garbage disposal and your sink is in the island (or even if it isn’t), consider including an air switch. It’s a little button that gets installed in the countertop that lets you control the garbage disposal with a single touch. We don’t know about you, but we’d rather not have to open a cabinet door every time we need to use the garbage disposal, especially if our hands are all wet and dirty. Many of the big plumbing brands sell air switches in coordinating finishes to their faucets, or you can try to coordinate the air switch with the color of your counter to make it disappear.


Your kitchen (and you) deserve nothing but the best. Outfitting it with features that make it beautiful and functional is a non-negotiable. Will you be adding these features to your kitchen?

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