5 Rich, Moody Paint Colors You Need in Your Home

August 3, 2023


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There’s something to be said for clean, white walls. They’re effortless and timeless. And while we will always love our neutral palettes (minimalism, right?), we can’t help but obsess over rich, moody paint colors when the space is right.

Moody color palettes create such unique atmospheres. And for moody sophistication and coziness, nothing beats rich, dark paint colors. From dark shades of navy to deep hues of gray, dark paint colors help create romantic and cozy settings. There is nothing you can do to your space that will have more impact than simply painting it — especially when adding a moody color.

A great color can influence the entire vibe of your home. To help you choose just the right moody hue, we’re sharing five of our favorite moody paint colors.

Alma Homes 5 Moody Paint Colors You Need in Your Home
BM HC-160 Knoxville Gray | BM 2135-20 Stonecutter | BM 1603 Graphite | BM 2131-20 Midnight | SW 7048 Urbane Bronze

Before we jump into the paint colors, we know that adding moody colors to your home can be intimidating. So here are three tips to ease into things:

  1. Reach for muddled paint colors vs. solid hues: Using less intense versions of rich, moody paint colors is a good way to ease into them. Choose colors that have hints of blues, greens, grays, etc., like the ones we’re sharing below.
  2. Don’t be afraid to paint the trim or wainscoting: Using the same rich, moody color on the walls as the trim or wainscoting (like we did in the #bloomingtonbuild‘s office) will help create that seamless, less harsh look we all desire.
  3. Mix in light colored accents: Afraid of the space looking too dark? Use light colored furniture and accent pieces. Lighter wood tones also pair perfectly with darker paint colors.

BM Knoxville Gray

Alma Homes 5 Moody Paint Colors You Need in Your Home
#thelakeloft by Alma Homes

If you want to bring the drama, look no further than Benjamin Moore’s Knoxville Gray! This rich blue-green can make any space pack a punch! If you’re looking to create a luxe style, pair it with wood tones, metallic hardware, or even brick tiles (like we did at #thelakeloft‘s bar). This versatile color will add instant depth and character to any space.

BM Stonecutter

Alma Homes 5 Moody Paint Colors You Need in Your Home
#bloomingtonbuild by Alma Homes

Benjamin Moore’s Stonecutter is a bold, saturated blue-gray. Stonecutter is the perfect mix of cool and warm undertones, which allows it to complement a variety of interior or exterior palettes. In the #bloomingtonbuild‘s office, we wanted to take advantage of all the natural light. So we still used a neutral color, but we painted the wainscoting Stonecutter for some added depth to the space.

BM Graphite

Alma Homes 5 Moody Paint Colors You Need in Your Home
#bougiebasementbar by Alma Homes

Benjamin Moore’s Graphite is a deep gray hue with hints of blue. This elegant shade adds depth and drama to any space. This shade is deep, but doesn’t come across as too dark. Blue is a staple for interior designers, and for good reason. It is incredibly versatile and creates a feeling of peace and tranquility within a space. Who wouldn’t want to incorporate those feelings into their home?

SW Urbane Bronze

Alma Homes 5 Moody Paint Colors You Need in Your Home
#bloomingtonbuild by Alma Homes

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze is a brownish gray that we’ll never get sick of looking at! This beautiful deep gray color has a vintage feel and pairs so nicely with brass finishes, metallic tones, and light neutrals like we did in #bloomingtonbuild‘s bar. Even in dark shades, the best part about brown is that it’s a color that will complement whatever other colors you decide to decorate with. Urbane Bronze can add contrast where you need it. It’s a warmer dark color which can sometimes be hard to get right.

BM Midnight

Alma Homes 5 Moody Paint Colors You Need in Your Home
#bloomingtonbuild by Alma Homes

Benjamin Moore’s Midnight has a trace of green that comes through in this “decadent shade of black,” according to their description of the color. When green is mixed with gray, it creates the perfect balance of color and neutral. We love pairing it with gold hardware and wood tones.

Adding a dark color to a space instantly turns up the volume in the best way possible; it makes a statement. Choosing dark colors and turning up the intensity is a big move, so you want to make sure to get it right. These color suggestions will help you to stay on the luxurious side of bold colors.

Let us know if you’ll be adding any of these colors to your home!

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