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November 17, 2020


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A bold light fixture can completely transform a room, and they say a lot about your style. We’ve definitely all walked into homes with outdated or overly gaudy chandeliers and immediately noticed them, right?! We’re chatting today all about where you should install chandeliers, the various styles you can choose, and a few of our favorites!

So, where do you put a chandelier? Any space with a higher ceiling or where you want to set a focal point can be an ideal place for a chandelier. Let’s go through a few of the standard locations and how to choose the right fixture for your space! There are a few standard choices, such as the entryway or foyer, dining room, and large living spaces.


A chandelier in a foyer is super common choice, because it’s typically a space with a higher ceiling, and a bold light fixture can really up the “wow” factor! Make sure to choose a chandelier that’s not only the right style for your space, but also the right size. A fixture that’s too big will stand out in a small space, and a small fixture in a huge entryway gets lost easily.

Dining Room

Dining rooms are a great choice for chandeliers and statement lighting because of the natural focal point created with a dining table. It’s also so important to make sure you know exactly where you want your table located before installing a chandelier, because there’s nothing worse than a table that isn’t centered with the light fixture in a dining room! Classic round fixtures are always a safe choice, or you can find a longer, rectangular piece to mirror the shape of your table.

Living Spaces

Living rooms and great rooms, especially if they have tall or vaulted ceilings, are another logical choice for statement lighting, and a chandelier is a great way to light a larger space and also add a lot of flair to your home. This is where you can install big fixtures, since living spaces tend to be larger!

How to choose the right chandelier

There are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing a chandelier, such as style, size, and light direction.


Remember all of our posts about finding your decor style? (You can find those here and here if you’re curious!) A glitzy, crystal chandelier would not work in a rustic space, just like a more rustic wood fixture would look out of place in a sleek, modern home. Metallic chandeliers look great in more modern spaces, and wood fixtures are a great fit in a modern farmhouse. Also, less is more! A gaudy fixture can look outdated fast; opt for simple designs that will last through trends if you want to be most cost-effective.


Like we mentioned above, choosing the right sized light fixture is so crucial for a space that looks cohesive and a chandelier that makes the right impression. You want the light fixtures to enhance the room, and not stand out like an eyesore! A good rule of thumb is to add the dimensions of the room together, and find a chandelier with that diameter in inches (i.e. in a 12x12ft room, the chandelier would be roughly 24in in diameter.)

Light direction

With so many varieties of chandeliers, a key factor is to consider the direction the light is being shone, and make sure you aren’t getting glare from the fixture. Pay attention to whether bulbs are exposed or concealed, and avoid the bright bulbs from shining directly into faces!

Chandeliers are a great way to light your home in a way that makes a major impression. We want to know where you have chandeliers in your home, and your favorite styles! Make sure to let us know in the comments, and over on Instagram @AlmaHomes, too!

Make sure to go check out our feature on Redfin, too, on their post about how to decorate your front porch! We were happy to share inspiration from The Lake Loft!

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  1. Oh, I like that you were honest about how wooden lights work well in a modern farmhouse, while metallic chandeliers look fantastic in more contemporary settings. If you want to be as economical as possible, you are advised to avoid garish fixtures since they quickly become out of style. Instead, choose timeless, basic designs. You bet I will share this with my older sister who wants to get a custom chandelier for her rustic home outside of the city. Thanks!

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