How to Maximize Bathroom Storage Space

April 21, 2020


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Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a spacious house, it seems like the storage space is never enough. Bathrooms can be extra tricky, as the smallest rooms in your home with a lot of things to store. Here are a few of our favorite ways to add more storage space to your bathrooms!

Built-in storage

If you’re lucky enough to design your home, make sure to design bathrooms with as much built-in space as possible. Storage closets, vanities and built-in shelving are all great options for adding space to even the smallest bathrooms.

Be smart with storage

If you only have a couple cupboards or closets, use the space as effectively as possible. Use tubs or baskets to keep items organized and easy to find, and avoid cluttered closets and shelves. If space is super limited, consider shelving over the toilet for added space.


We know, it’s not what anyone wants to hear – but if your storage spaces are constantly jam-packed, it might be time to take a look at what you could do without! Only keep (and buy) toiletries you actually use, and stick to two sets of towels. If you have a hall linen closet, store items there (like extra towels and medicine) that you don’t need to keep in the bathroom.

Decorative storage options

If you’re struggling to find space for bath linens, decorative baskets or shelves (we love floating shelves!) are a great option to add storage space that looks great, too.

Utilize counter space

Of course, no one wants cluttered counters, but sometimes the extra counter space is needed. If you do need to use counter space for storing toiletries, make it as organized as possible – utilize decorative trays or countertop organizers to keep things in their place.

If you’re looking for more storage solutions, make sure to check out our tips for kitchen storage, too, and let us know how you make the most of the storage space in your home! We’d also love to see you over on Instagram @AlmaHomes where you can see our latest projects and more design tips and tricks!

Photography: Melissa Oholendt, Laura Rae Photography, Spacecrafting Photography, Sarah Olfelt Photo, Alma Homes

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