Best Materials For Fireplace Surrounds

August 4, 2022


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Trust us when we say that these materials for fireplace surrounds are sure to spark immediate joy in your home!

It’s no secret that we’re suckers for a well-crafted and designed fireplace surround. If you’re thinking to yourself, “what in the world is a fireplace surround”? Well, the fireplace surround is the entirety of your fireplace, excluding the firebox. It is a collective term for the mantel, hearth, and legs surrounding your fireplace. Fireplaces are often the focal point of a space, so a surround plays a huge role in the overall design aesthetic.

There is a wide range of fireplace surround materials on the market today: natural stones, tile, brick, metal, etc. In this post, we’ll cover our favorite materials for a chic fireplace surround.


Natural stone surrounds are durable, low-maintenance, heat-resistant, and the perfect option for long-lasting warmth. It’s the ideal material for those who want a classic fireplace surrounded with farmhouse flare!

#thelakeloft screen porch


A more traditional fireplace surround, brick brings a warm and timeless aesthetic to any space. Whether you’re after a natural exposed brick look or white-washed brick look, it’s a beautiful material with high heat resistance. 

#thelakeloft primary bathroom


Limestone is highly versatile and pairs well with many different home design styles. It offers a warm, soft, and natural look, which makes it great for elegantly understated rooms!

#thelakeloft great room


A growing fireplace surround trend is the use of stucco! Stucco is a cementitious product commonly seen on home interiors and exteriors. The material is now being used as a fireplace surround to modernize or update a room.

#thelakeloft primary bedroom


For a unique and eclectic fireplace surround, we recommend going with tile! It comes in endless colors, sizes, and patterns, and it can also be a way to achieve more expensive looks for less.

#thetreehousereno great room


A metal fireplace surround often gives a bold and industrial feel to a room. It can be It can be a sleek and shiny metal clad fireplace, or an aged and textural one!

#calimodcustom family room

Which material of fireplace surround would fit your design style best? Let us know by leaving a comment below! For more surround design ideas, give us a follow on Instagram!

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  1. steve smith says:

    I love that you talked that designing a fireplace could include traditional and modern ideas. My mother told me last night that she wanted a low-heat electric fireplace installed in their home for a great and convenient home heating experience. You did a great job explaining, I will be sure to consult a trusted fireplaces company as they can offer a variety in addition to quality.

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