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April 25, 2024


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I think one of the last places people notice in a room is the ceiling. Our eyes just don’t naturally look up unless something catches our attention… so why not make your ceiling catch your attention in a beautiful way!? You could keep it more of a simple accent or go bold and make a statement. Either way it will add some charm to any space!


Possibly one of the most popular ceiling details is a vaulted ceiling. It is very common to add this in a great room, since they are often a place for friends and family to hang out and gather. Vaulted ceilings offer a feeling of a larger room because of the extra height, so you can include larger windows to let in a ton of natural light!


Typically, coffered ceilings are made by carving out a grid-like pattern into the ceiling. However, they can also be created by adding beams to the ceiling in a grid form. In that case, you have the option of how to finish the beams. You could stain them to add warmth to the room, or you could paint them to blend in with the ceiling (or stand out!).


Beams are another classic option to add interest to a room and they are normally paired with some sort of vaulted ceiling. They also can either be painted or stained to either be a statement in the room or to be subtle.

Crown Molding

No, crown molding is not outdated. In fact, we loooove doing crown moulding in homes because it adds the perfect amount of charm. Also, you don’t even have to do it to every room in the house, you can pick and choose certain rooms it would look good in!

Bead Board

We love to include bead board on ceilings, especially in outdoor areas such as front or back porches. Outdoor spaces can otherwise be pretty boring, so including bead board adds to the aesthetic to the space, making it a place where you will love to hang out and enjoy the weather.


If you are really feeling bold, painting your ceiling might be the way to go. Plus, it is a way to add interest to a room without breaking the bank. However, it does require you to have smooth ceilings- no popcorn ceilings for this one. You could even go as far as bringing wallpaper up onto the ceiling!

From timeless options to bold options, these ceiling details will add character to a variety of rooms to help bring a plain space to life! You really cannot go wrong with any of the options as most of them are changeable if you become tired or change your mind in the future.

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