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October 7, 2019


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If you go on Pinterest or start a Google search to begin designing (or redesigning) your home, you may feel a little overwhelmed with the sheer number of options. Modern, boho, farmhouse, coastal, where to begin? It can be hard to decide on a design style for your home without knowing what each style consists of, so we wanted to give you a rundown of the major design styles we see in the houses we build and renovate!


The industrial style is all about raw materials and sleek, minimal design. You’ll often see metal mixed with wood, decor made of raw building materials, and often exposed pipes, beams and brick. This look is commonly used in urban settings for businesses and restaurants, and may seem more suited for apartments and loft spaces, but it can be done beautifully in houses, too!

Image result for nina williams industrial kitchen
Photo: Nina Williams Design


The word that comes to mind with Scandanavian design is simple. Think minimal decor, light and bright walls and furniture, and simple, sleek furniture (Ikea, anyone?) Scandanavian decor is functional and beautiful, often inspired by nature, and has very little unnecessary clutter.

Photo: My Scandanavian Home


Bohemian home decor is exactly what it sounds like – bright, layered, textured, and varied pieces all coming together to form a completely one-of-a-kind space. Bohemian spaces often start with a neutral base, and layer in textures (think cozy textiles), patterns, colors (and metal accents!) and natural elements, like wood accents and fresh or faux plants to make it feel cozy, welcoming and completely unique. It can be easy to go over the top with bohemian decor, so starting basic and adding on slowly is the key.

Image result for boho decor
Photo Credit:

Mid-century Modern

It’s been around for decades, but mid-century modern style still isn’t going anywhere. Homes in this style often have a mix of old and new materials, classic styles with a flair, and color schemes ranging from neutrals to bold pops of color, and smooth, sleek designs.

Image result for mid century modern living room


Ever seen Fixer-Upper? Chip and Joanna love farmhouse style. Think the perfect blend of old and new, lots of white and wood, and touches of antique decor throughout the home. This has been arguably the most popular design style the past few years, but is beginning to tone down in popularity in favor of more timeless and simple style.


Coastal decor is bright, airy, and filled with natural elements, just like the coast itself – but it does not mean nautical like you may think. Homes decorated with coastal decor often use neutrals with accents of sea tones – picture muted greens and blues, light wood, stripes, white linens and natural textures. It’s typically bright and light, so these homes often have big windows, glass doors, and skylights to make everything as bright and airy as possible.

Photo: Bright Bazaar
beach house bedroom design
Photo: Bright Bazaar


When you think modern decor, you can probably picture the basics: sleek, minimal designs, neutral colors, and building materials including metal, glass and steel. And while this description may seem cold, a beautiful modern home is anything but that. We love incorporating softer touches, like these leather bar stools, throw pillows and rugs at our Minneapolis Modern project to soften the modern look a bit.

So, tell us: what’s your favorite design style? Do you fit into one, or tend to use a mix of a few styles in your home? Make sure to come chat with us on Instagram @AlmaHomes and show us the designs you’re loving right now!

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