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February 16, 2021


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If you’re anything like us, you love your furry friends like they’re family. We love our pup, and there are several items we have in our home for her that we can’t believe we ever went without! Here are a few of our dog owner must-haves.

Automatic dog feeder

Having an automatic dog feeder has been a life-changer for us (and for Roxy!), because it allows us to make sure Roxy gets her meals on time, even if we’re out of the house! We appreciate not having to worry about being late getting home, and we definitely know Roxy appreciates getting her dinner on time. It’s also great for mornings when we don’t feel like getting up to feed her!

Dog wash

Dog washes are becoming increasingly popular, and we can definitely see why. We built one into the laundry room at #TheLakeLoft, and it’s so convenient for giving Roxy baths – she might disagree with us on that one, though. We wanted to share a few beautiful dog washes we’ve seen lately (and ours, featuring Roxy!)

No, you’re not seeing double – our friends at the Parade of Homes took this photo, and photoshopped a friend for Roxy into it! ????
Image result for dog washing station for home
Photo: A Concord Carpenter
Image result for dog washing station for home
Photo: Shea Homes

Waterproof Dog Blanket

Your furniture is an investment, so you want to keep it protected! These beautiful PupProtector dog blankets protect your couch, bed, or even your car from dog hair and dirt, all while looking great, too – and they’re washable!

Furniture Crates

Standard metal dog crates can be a major eyesore, but luckily there are a lot of options for crates that seamlessly blend with your decor. This end table crate from Casual Home is modern and perfect for your furry friend! Alternatively, you can find (or make) wooden crate toppers to help camouflage your metal crate.

Image result for casual home modern lattice pet crate

Designated Feeding Space

Make sure your dog’s food and water has a place in your home! This can be a corner of the kitchen, mudroom or laundry room, or you can go a step further and build it into your kitchen or mudroom, like these!

Image result for dog feeding station in cabinet

We want to know what your dog owner must-haves for your home are! Would you try any of these? Let us know in the comments below, and over on Instagram too @AlmaHomes!

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