Everything You Need To Know About Reclaimed Wood

October 21, 2019


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Walk into any furniture or home decor store, and you’ll see reclaimed wood (or faux-reclaimed wood) designs left and right. It’s a super popular choice for furniture and decor, but even more than that, it’s a great choice for structural elements of your home as well! We love incorporating reclaimed wood into designs for our clients, and wanted to share a bit more about why we love it, where to find it, and how to use it!

Why to use it, where to find it, and how to incorporate it into your home

Why reclaimed?

Don’t get me wrong, we love any kind of wood in our designs. Mixing wood with other materials is always gorgeous, and adds so much warmth to a neutral space. Reclaimed wood is extra special because of the added character it brings. Knowing that a piece of wood in your home was previously part of another home (or barn, etc.) makes it feel extra significant. Plus, no two pieces are exactly the same, and the rustic feel looks so lovely! You can often find pieces with unique markings, scorch marks, asymmetrical details and even metal hardware, which works so well with many design styles.

This wood mantle really ties the room together, and is a perfect focal point for the space

Where can you find it?

With today’s trending design styles heavily featuring wood accents and pieces with character, there’s no shortage of places to buy reclaimed wood. Many cities have entire stores where you can choose your own pieces from large storerooms where the wood is generally priced by the foot, and you can often find hardware for installing wood pieces at these shops as well. If you live in a more rural area, local farms or land owners often have a ton of reclaimed wood – check your local online listings for wood for sale (sometimes you can even find it for free!) Since reclaimed wood is generally old and has been used for awhile, no two pieces are the same, and many pieces have cracks, knots, and other imperfections. Because of this, it’s super important to be able to see the wood in person before buying it to make sure it’s perfect for your space and use!

How to use reclaimed wood

Whether you use reclaimed wood in the structure of your home or as an accent in decor or furniture, the sky is the limit with where to incorporate it. Our favorites are using it as a fireplace mantel, for shelving, or even adding reclaimed wood beams to a space. Reclaimed wood furniture is also a great way to add the look to your home without taking on a big project. If you’re feeling really ambitious, reclaimed wood can make a gorgeous countertop or can even be used as flooring! Just make sure to enlist the help of a professional, or educate yourself on finishing wood to make sure you take good care of your one-of-a-kind pieces.

The wood on these shelves has so much interesting detail, perfect for the farmhouse vibe.
Wide wood beams make this room feel warmer and give it a more rustic vibe – plus, the lighting fixture fits perfectly to pull it all together!
This wood beam ties perfectly with the rustic table, and adds so much character to the space

We want to hear about your favorite uses for reclaimed wood! Do you have any wood accents or decor pieces in your home? Make sure to find us on Instagram @AlmaHomes to tell us (and show us) all about them!

Photography: Laura Rae Photography, Spacecrafting Photography, Sarah Olfelt Photo, Alma Homes

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  1. I like that you mentioned that there is also a nice rustic vibe that could be added to a home when using reclaimed wood. I’d like to know more about reclaimed beams because I’m interested in having a barn built soon. Perhaps it would be nice to try to get cheap materials for it in order to make it a very affordable project.

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