How to Combat Cabin Fever

December 22, 2020


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Cabin fever is something that’s all too familiar to us midwesterners, with our long winters and dark, short days. But this year, with COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders in place, and kids doing distance learning (often without the outlet of sports and extracurricular activities), we’re feeling it extra hard! We’re here to share a few ways to combat cabin fever in your home.

So, what is cabin fever?

Basically, it’s feeling “blah” – feeling tired, unmotivated, cooped up, restless and maybe a little irritable. Can you relate? We sure can! Especially once the weather gets cold, it’s hard to get the fresh air and sunshine that are so abundant in the summer. Luckily, we have some ideas for how to beat it!

Get outside

We know, this one seems obvious, but it’s so crucial to get yourself outside during the colder months, too! The happiest people living in cold climates often share similar advice: that there’s no bad weather if you’re dressed appropriately. Layer up, wear warm (and waterproof!) shoes, and get out there! Even a short walk can really improve your mood.

Bonus: get a “happy light” – a UV lamp proven to boost your mood and combat seasonal depression!

Woman Sitting In Rink To Tie Her Ice Skates Skating Gloves

Try a new hobby

You know that thing you saw on Instagram or TikTok that you wanted to try but didn’t have time? Well, now you have time! Bread baking, yoga, puzzles, a new craft, writing that novel you always wanted to start, the sky is the limit for indoor activities you can try. Bonus if you can start a new hobby with your partner or kids!

Connect with loved ones

Just because you can’t see friends and family in person doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to connect with them from afar! Call someone you haven’t talked to for awhile, have a video call game night with friends, write letters or put together care packages to send to friends, get creative! If you’re up for it, bundle up in your winter gear and meet friends for a chilly walk or hike, or try out something new, like snow-shoeing! Just make sure to take social distancing precautions, of course.

Cook something delicious

This is a time-filling activity, and you get to enjoy the product of your efforts at the end! Bake some cookies to deliver to friends, pour a glass of wine to sip while cooking a delicious new dish for dinner, or try a new soup recipe – your house will smell so amazing and you’ll immediately feel happier to be there.

S'mores Cookies - Broma Bakery
These s’mores cookies from Broma Bakery look absolutely next-level!

Refresh your space

Whether you take on some deep cleaning, an organizational overhaul, or go for a full DIY project, taking time while you’re stuck at home to spruce up your space is a sure way to get you feeling happier. Even just rearranging your furniture and existing decor can give your space a whole new life.

Photo: Alma Homes

It can feel frustrating to be stuck at home, and winter (especially here in Minnesota!) can feel so long. But with a bit of creativity and effort, you can make your days at home more tolerable and even enjoy them! If you’re looking for more winter lifestyle inspiration, make sure to check out our post on hygge living from last year; Scandinavians are pros at embracing the season!

What are your go-to ways to combat cabin fever? Have you tried any new activities at home you’ve enjoyed recently? We want to hear your ideas below! Make sure to follow us over on Instagram too, @AlmaHomes. Wishing you the very happiest (and healthiest!) holidays from us here at Alma!

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