How to Correctly Hang Curtains

May 26, 2020


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A few weeks ago, we posted lists of some of our biggest design and decor pet peeves. One of them was curtains that are hung incorrectly, so we’re here with a post dedicated to curtains – where to use them, how to pick the right style, and how to hang them!

Where to use curtains

The answer is basically “wherever you have windows you want covered,” but typically bedrooms and living rooms are a safe starting point. Curtains are arguably one of the most important decor choices in a room, providing both privacy and style to your space, and really pulling everything together.

How to choose the correct style for your space

There are a few variables to consider here – fabric, color, pattern, etc. Always start with the overall style of your home and the room you’re decorating. Heavy velvet curtains would be a poor fit in a light, airy, coastal home, just as sheer panels would be inappropriate in a more formal space. Choose colors that are relatively neutral or that coordinate with your color scheme, and pick patterns sparingly and strategically, since it can be easy to make a room look too busy with too many patterns. Remember that you can always swap curtains out, so you can work with changes in season and decor style, too.

Choosing a curtain rod

Always choose a curtain rod that’s wider than your window. Why? Because you want to be able to have the curtains frame the window when they’re pulled back, without covering your beautiful natural light! A good rule of thumb is to allow about 8-12″ of curtain rod on either side of the window.

How to hang curtains correctly

Despite what you may have heard about buying curtains for your window height, curtains should in fact always graze the floor (unless you’re going for the cafe look). Make sure to measure from your curtain rod to the floor, and buy your curtains accordingly. Hem the curtains if necessary so that they simply graze the floor rather than dragging on the ground, or allow a bit of “puddling” on the ground for a soft look. Curtains are a great way to make a room feel taller, too, since they draw the eye upward. Hang your curtain rod above your window frame by a few inches, closer to the ceiling than the window frame – we typically recommend at least 4-6″ to really extend the room vertically.

We want to hear all about your curtain situation – do you have curtains in every room? What styles do you gravitate towards? What challenges do you have with choosing and hanging them correctly?! We want to know! Comment below, and make sure to follow us on Instagram @AlmaHomes, too, for more inspiration and home decor tips!

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  1. Amy Saunders says:

    “Ooh, la la!” That’s the only thing I could say when I found out that neutral-colored curtains are perfect to create a more subtle appearance for our living space. I mean, I’m thinking of remodeling my bedroom this summer just because it’s been ages since I last did that. I’ll be thinking of this article when making some purchases afterward.

  2. Johnson says:

    To hang curtains, first measure the width of the window and the distance from the top of the window to the point where you want the curtains to hang. Purchase a curtain rod that is slightly wider than the window and mount it at the desired height, making sure it is level.

  3. Sam Andrews says:

    OMG! You were such a genius in showing us how we can create an illusion of a taller living space by hanging our curtain rod a bit higher than our window frames! I’m so gonna tell my wife about this so she can make the right purchase soon. In case you’re wondering, we wish to redo our bedroom this weekend just for fun.

  4. mintblues says:

    I really like your posts, the content presentation is so perfect I enjoy reading it, Thank you

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