Our Top 5 Primary Bath Must-Haves

July 29, 2021


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We’re firm believers that your master bath should represent a place of rest, a spa-like oasis of sorts. When it comes to bathrooms, all you really need is a functioning toilet, sink, and tub or shower, but there are certain design elements we like to include in a client’s primary bath to take it up a notch! If you’re considering a master bath remodel, consider adding these primary bath must-haves.

Soaking Tub

The stunning wet room at the #countrysidecustom

There’s nothing like a soaking tub to come home to at the end of the day. Our clients never regret incorporating a soaking tub into their primary bath that’s deep enough to submerge them! With so many different soaking tub sizes and finishes on the market today, finding the perfect tub for your space shouldn’t be too difficult. We find that tubs are often the star of the show, so make sure to choose one that reflects the style you want. 

Heated Flooring

Heated hexagon tile at the #thetreehousereno

We may be biased since we are a Minneapolis, MN, based builder, but there is nothing like stepping onto heated floors on a cold Winter morning (or on any morning for that matter). Heated bathroom floors not only make your bathroom more comfortable and appealing, but they also contribute to more efficient heating. If you’re looking for that authentic spa-like experience, having heated flooring is a must-have.

Plenty of Storage

A custom double vanity and linen cabinet at the #independencecustom

One of the number one requests we hear from our clients is to have more storage in their primary bath (and we totally agree). We try to eliminate the possibility of built-up clutter in the bathroom as much as possible. We find it’s beneficial to have designated areas to store medications, towels, and miscellaneous items that often find their way to the counter space and floor. Whether it’s linen cabinets, storage benches, or wall shelf units, there are endless ways to incorporate more storage.

A Sitting Area

Coastal-inspired shower with bench seating at the #maxwellbaybuild

All the lounging doesn’t have to be done in the tub! Consider incorporating a bench into your shower to offer more functionality to the space. Shower benches can serve as a decoration, extra storage space for bottles, a comfy spot to shave your legs, or maybe to just sit back and relax. Benches have an effortless way of adding dimension and visual appeal to your shower space.

A Water Closet

Private primary bath at the #mplsmodern

If you can hide the not so pretty parts of a bathroom, why not do it? Having a separate room for the toilet offers the ultimate privacy for families and couples and eliminates the eyesore from the main space. If you’re lacking the space for this addition, you can opt to use a wall to partially hide the toilet or tuck the toilet behind the vanity or tub. We highly recommend this luxurious amenity if your space allows it!

While there are countless ways to offer more functionality and visual appeal to your primary bath suite, we feel that these top 5 must-haves create the perfect spa-like oasis. Take a peek at a few of our bath projects below to gain further inspiration for your next remodel!


Which must-have element would you incorporate into your next bathroom remodel? Let us know your thoughts below!

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