#RaspberryHillHouse Kids’ Bathroom Reveal

October 10, 2018


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Usually, I love pops of the color blue in rooms, but the previous tile and bathtub in the #raspberryhillhouse kids bathroom looked like Blues Clues had a hay-day in there. Want to know how we transformed this bathroom into a modern, kid friendly space? Just keep reading, as our inner Dori would say – if you don’t understand that reference, please go and watch Finding Nemo instead 😉 !

When planning this bathroom design, we wanted to create a space that felt clean and crisp, but still had kid-friendly elements. To do this, we combined neutral and patterned elements, making it appear both fun and sophisticated. We chose gray cabinets and a white quartz countertop, the perfect material for kids, who seem to love making messes and scratches.

When designing, I love to bring both old and new elements into spaces. Believe it or not, the frame for the mirror was created from an old fence that was in the yard. Now it is the highlight of the kids’ bathroom, pairing flawlessly with the quartz counters and subway tile.

For the bathroom floor, we installed a gorgeous patterned ceramic tile. It still has the neutral gray tone, but makes the space a little more playful for the kids. It’s also a major upgrade from the previous highlighter-blue tile.

The finishing touches, including, yellow picture frames, chalk board towel hooks, and decorative mirrors completed this space and made our clients feel right at home!

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