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Tips for How to Position Light Fixtures the Right Way

Tips, tips, and more tips! We’ve put together a little helping hand in todays blog for how to position and center light fixtures in various rooms as well as the height they should hang or be at! If you missed last weeks blog, click here to see some of our favorite ceiling lights on the […]

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Design Tips

Installing the Right Lights in the Right Places

Want to know the key to good lighting? LAYERS. You may be asking, what in tarnation is layered lighting? Well, I’ll tell ya. Layered lighting is basically using multiple types of light fixtures in one room. For example, in a kitchen, that could include dimmable recessed lights in the ceiling, pendants over an island, dimmable […]

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Design Tips

Alma Homes How to Mix and Match Metals the RIGHT Way

How to Mix and Match Metals the RIGHT Way

One of the most common questions we get is if all metals in the same room need to match, and we’re here to tell you that no, they absolutely do not! We believe that mixing metals — when done correctly — actually elevates your space. Using the same finish throughout your room or home may […]

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Design Tips

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