The 4 Helpful Rug Tips Our Designers Swear By

March 10, 2023


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Many of us have experienced that “oh no” moment of spilling red wine or coffee on a living room rug. Or perhaps your rug’s edges are constantly curling, causing you or your guests to trip over them. Whatever your rug struggles (#ruggles, let’s make it a thing) may be, we’ve been there and are here to share four rug tips our designers swear by. Let’s dive in!

Modern style living room with aesthetic decor, cozy couches and pillows with a lovely blue patterned rug.
#thelakeloft living room uses both a high-quality rug pad and rug grips to avoid the dreaded curled edge.

1. Apply Rug Grips to Your Rug’s Corners

One thing worse than you rug’s corners curling? A house guest tripping over those same curled edges — eek! Thankfully there’s an easy solution. These affordable rug grips come in a pack of 12, work on any floor type, and prevent rug sliding and curling. We use these throughout our homes and love how we can peel them back up if we need to change out or move a rug. They only take two minutes to install, and we’re sure you’ll be just as obsessed as we are!

2. Invest in Quality Rug Pads

Our next tip is invest in a high quality rug pad. Some folks skip this step to save some money, but investing in a quality rug pad will increase your rug’s lifespan and protect your floors as well. Not all rug pads are created equally, however. Our go-to option comes in a variety of sizes (and feels great under your feet after a long day!). If your specific pad size isn’t available, we recommend buying a slightly larger size and cutting it down to fit your rug’s dimensions.

3. Measure (& Re-Measure) Your Space

When investing in a rug that covers the majority of a room’s floor, it’s important to measure for your space before selecting a rug. The rug should complement the space and be big enough to fit underneath the legs of your primary pieces of furniture. A solid rule of thumb is confirming at least two furniture legs (e.g. the couch’s front two legs) are on the rug. Like a rug pad, this helps the rug stay put and creates a defined focal point for the space.

4. Consider Your Rug’s Material

From wool to seagrass, there are lots of materials rugs can be made of. To help you decide which material is best, think about the functionality of the space you’ll be using the rug in, how durable and cleanable it should be, and the aesthetic you’re looking for. Choosing the right rug for your space is key to adding an extra design element and bringing the room together.

  1. Wool: This is one of the most commonly used rug materials. Wool provides warmth and comfort and is great for high traffic areas. We recommend using a quality wool rug in your living room, bedroom, or office.
  2. Cotton: Cotton rugs are best used in spaces where you frequently change out the rug. Cotton rugs make great runners and seasonal rugs in places such as kitchens, entryways, or bathrooms.
  3. Silk: Silk rugs probably feel just like you imagine — luxurious. They can be used to add a layer of elegance to your space and are aesthetic. Silk rugs are best in areas of low traffic. We would advise against these if you have kiddos or pets as they are highly absorbent to any spills or accidents.
  4. Jute or Seagrass: These rug materials are a fun addition to spaces craving texture and detail. They’re an eco-friendly option and very durable! We recommend using jute or seagrass rugs in outdoor spaces like on porches or patios or under tables or desks.
The #bloomingtonbuild office features a gorgeous jute rug

We hope these tips will solve your #ruggles! Leave additional questions you have in the comments below, and follow us on Instagram for more home design tips and tricks.

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