The Best 6 Carpet Types For Your Home

October 12, 2023


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Are you team hardwood or team carpet? Each offer their own advantages or disadvantages, but if you ask us…nothing can beat the cozy feeling of carpet in certain spaces! Below, we’ve broken down some of our favorite carpets — both the types and the styles you should consider including in your home. Whether you’re building new or looking to remodel, keep these in mind to add a little coziness and warmth to your next project.

Common Carpet Materials

Nylon Carpet

#WillowCreekRemodel by Alma Homes

Nylon is one of the most common carpet types selected in the market today, and there is good reason for that. Generally, it falls in a good price range, yet it is very durable. The fibers generally hold their shape better than other synthetic options, and they also maintain their color really well. While nylon is often a little more expensive than some other fiber options, hands down, the increased cost can be worth it. Generally it is very stain resistant, which is also a plus. One thing you may notice is based on what you select, nylon may not feel nearly as plush and soft as some other options, but the durability definitely makes up for that.

Polyester Carpet

#BloomingtonBuild By Alma Homes

Polyester carpet is a manmade fiber is often made from recycled water bottles, making it environmentally friendly. Generally, it will be solution dyed and treated with stain resistant chemicals to give the carpet a long warranty against stains and fading. The carpet itself is usually one of the softest to the touch, but that can come at a cost. Generally, the fibers crush under foot easier than a nylon or wool will, so it is more likely to show wear over time. On the plus side, it is one of the most affordable options and there are a lot of great colors and patterns available.

Wool Carpet

#TheLakeLoft By Alma Homes

Raise your hand if you would benefit from a naturally stain-resistant carpet! Wool carpet is a great option when looking at durability; since it is a natural fiber it is a really excellent dirt and stain-resistant option. However, an oil-based spill may be more tricky to remove when it comes to wool…so keep those crayons at the table instead of on the floor! There are so many beautiful wool carpet options, just be aware of a few downsides. They are often the most expensive carpet materials, and shedding is very common with wool. You also need to be particular about how you care for it, so make sure you check with your manufacturer on proper care techniques. All that being said, wool is often one of the most attractive carpet options as there are so many styles, patterns and options.

Types of Carpet Cuts

Cut Pile Carpet

#SimplyNorthernRoots By Alma Homes

Did someone say cozy? One of the softest carpet types is a cut pile carpet. To understand what a cut pile is, we first need to mention that carpet pile is the term for how each fiber strand is arranged. There are two main types of carpet piles: cut pile (where the fibers are cut at the top) and loop pile (where the fibers are looped).

Cut pile carpet is a great pick for most areas of the home, as it is a very timeless and classic carpet style. The downside to choosing this carpet type is that it will wear down more quickly than more durable carpets because the fibers will flatten with time and use. However, it is still a great option if thoughtfully placed in lower-traffic rooms such as bedrooms. Is there really anything better than the feeling of soft, plush carpet? We don’t think so!

Loop Pile Carpet

#MplsModern By Alma Homes

One of our favorite options for a slightly more elevated and formal feeling carpet is loop pile. It is another timeless style that can be used throughout most of the home, but can look especially tasteful in living rooms. Loop pile carpet is a great option for areas that experience a little more use, since the fibers do not easily move around or flatten from walking and vacuuming. However, keep in mind that there are different heights of pile — a low pile is better at withstanding higher traffic and a high pile will wear down a bit faster. While loop pile isn’t one of the softest options, it definitely still adds comfort to a space in a chic way!

Cut & Loop Pile

#MaxwellBayBuild By Alma Homes

Today, there are many different patterns that exist in carpet, and one of the way these patterns are achieved is by combining both cut and loops into what is called a cut and loop pile carpet. This type of carpet is one of our favorite ways to add a dash of interest to what otherwise could be a plain space. We especially love including it on stairs and hallways because it can mimic the look of a runner. Plus, carpets in hallways and on stairs quiet the spaces while adding a subtle flair. It likely will be a little more expensive than a traditional cut pile, but generally they are still pretty affordable depending on the material you select.

So, are you team carpet now? Maybe at least in certain rooms? Bedrooms, basements, stairs and hallways are all really practical places to include carpet because of the insulating and noise reducing factors, but also the all around coziness doesn’t hurt. When it’s the difference between stepping onto cold, hard floors versus warm, plush floors in the morning, we choose the latter.


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