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November 30, 2020


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It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of November, and the holidays are upon us! With the holidays comes the opportunity to spread love and joy to the people in your life, and it’s so much fun to find gifts to spoil your loved ones with! In case you’re struggling to find the perfect gift, we’re sharing some of our favorites for all the people in your life.

  1. Lululemon Align Pants – These seem to be everyone’s favorite, but for good reason. They are definitely my go-to’s because they are sooo buttery soft and comfortable.
  2. Dyson Hair Dryer – Truth be told, I would NEVER spend this kind of money on a blow dryer, but I did get one for a gift a few years back and absolutely LOVE it. It dries my hair in probably half the time, so if you have thicker hair, it’s amazing.
  3. Rothy’s Shoes – Hands down, these are my FAVORITE SHOES EVER. EVER. They are so comfortable, it doesn’t feel like you are wearing shoes. Most of them are actually made out of recycled water bottles (how cool is that), and they can be thrown in the wash. I’ve had four different pairs, (The Point in two colors, The Sneaker, and the Merino Ankle Boots) and I am probably wearing one of them at any given time.
  4. Jewelry Dish – I have one of these cute little dishes on my nightstand, and it’s a great collect all, whether it’s for rings, earrings, etc.
  5. Primally Pure – This is one of my favorite skincare brands, and there are sooo many items I use & love from them. My favorites are their charcoal deodorant, plumping serum, neroli complexion mist…I could go on.
  6. Robe – I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing I love more than a big fluffly white robe on cold winter mornings. I own this one, and I love how soft & cozy it is.
  7. Blondo Booties – Can you tell I have a thing for shoes? When it comes to shoes though, I’m all about comfort, and these definitely live up to the test. Not only do they have a lower heel making them really comfortable, but they are waterproof, which is key for winter! I have a few different pairs of Blondos in different styles, and they’ve been a staple in my closet, especially when traveling.
  8. L’ange 2 in 1 Brush – If there was only one hair accessory I could have the rest of my life, this would be it. I love the look of my hair when I round brush it, but I’m just not coordinated enough to do it (I swear I need 3 more hands lol!). But this bad boy solves all those problems by combining a round brush and blow dryer in one.
  9. Tori Burch Wallet/Clutch – This is the wallet I’ve used for the past few years, and while I’ve looked to switch it up a few times, no other wallet has ever measured up. I love that it has a small strap on it, making it feel like a clutch. It’s big enough for me to zip my phone into it, and I love that the card slots are oriented horizontally, making cards easier to see & access. Ever since using this, I rarely even carry a purse anymore. I find I can fit everything I need in here, and it’s so much less bulky.

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