5 Easy Electrical Upgrades to Try This Year

February 23, 2023


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There are so many fun parts of building a home or renovating a pre-loved space. From the layout of each room to the carefully selected design elements, no part goes unnoticed. With technology becoming more robust by the day, electrical updates have become one of our favorite parts of the process! Today we’re sharing five easy electrical updates you can implement in your home this year whether you’re building new, renovating, or have lived in your home for 10+ years! Let’s dig into it!

Neutral bathroom design with exquisite chandelier, gold hardware and a marble shower.
The #bloomingtonbuild bathroom features the highly requested fan timers!

1. Smart Home Lighting Control

One of our most requested items when it comes to electrical upgrades is smart home controls. We highly recommend the Lutron Caséta Smart Home Control Kit. This kit allows you to automatically adjust your lights from anywhere using your smartphone. It also connects with almost all smart home devices – including Alexa, Ring, Sonos and more. Don’t have your phone nearby or your hands are full? No worries! Caséta allows you to use your voice to control the lights. Additionally, set times, schedule lights to change, or activate automatically with the free Lutron app!

2. Motion Sensor Lights

An easy electrical addition that makes a huge difference are motion sensor lights. These switches from Lutron automatically turns on as you enter the room and off when motion is no longer sensed. Along with the motion activation, you can also program them to stay off when they detect enough natural light is in the room. We love to include these in rooms such as pantries, closets, mudrooms and bathrooms!

3. Fan Timer Light Switch

We add fan timers in all of our full bathrooms. They are crucial for getting extra humidity from the shower out of your bathroom. We tell all of our clients when you go to take a shower, turn on the longest setting and let the fan run until the time is out. Some come with the ability to customize your timer selections, however we suggest one with at least a 30 or 60 minute setting.

4. Tread Lights

Not to be dramatic, but tread lights have changed our lives. Not only do they add a certain ambiance to your home, but they are so functional. Depending on which you select, they can be used both inside and outside. These particular ones are made to withstand corrosion, and they are able to last up to 30,000 hours!

5. Outlet Covers with Built in LED Lights

One of our more recent favorite lighting upgrades are these easy to install outlet covers. These aren’t any ordinary outlet covers, though. These covers include a built in light sensor at the bottom that adds a beautiful ambiance to any room or acts as a nightlight. You don’t need an electrician to install them – simply screw off the cover plate, screw on the new one and you’re good to go!

Battery Operated Options

As a bonus to our 5 electrical upgrades, we wanted to include a few things you can include in your home without the hassle of hiring an electrician. Each of these is a great option to elevate your space and are easy to complete all in one day! Smart light bulbs have become increasingly more popular. Not only can you turn them on and off with a simple click on your phone, but they are also a great option for lamps where you aren’t able to hide the cord while plugged in.

Another easy upgrade that makes a HUGE difference are adding motion sensor lights to your closet space. If you want to make your closet look high end, this is the upgrade you need that won’t break the bank! They are extremely easy to install and AAA battery operated, so no electrical work is needed! Similar to the closet lights, you could also add these motion sensor under cabinet bars if you don’t have hardwiring under your cabinets. These bars stick to almost all surfaces because of the adhesive and are USB rechargeable.

mudroom with automatic lights, washer and dryer, and dog wash station included
The #lakeloft mudroom includes motion sensor lights which are perfect for coming home with full hands!

Whether you found this post while you’re building your dream home or just wanting to upgrade your space with some fun new upgrades, one or all of these will bring new light to your space! Be sure to join our email list  and follow us on Instagram to receive our latest design tips and home inspiration and to stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings here at Alma Homes.

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