7 Questions You Should Ask to Find the Best Builder

January 25, 2024


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So you want to build a home? Or maybe remodeling your current one? You may be wondering, where the heck am I supposed to start? As a home builder company ourselves, we’re here to help you with finding the right builder for you. Generally when you find a builder, you will have an initial meeting with them for you BOTH to determine working together. Below are questions we suggest asking a builder to help your decision when choosing a builder to work with.

What is their average build timeline?

This will vary, depending on the the size of your project, but the builder should give you some sort of timeline. This will be a very general average, since every project is different, but it is a good indicator to see if their timeline coordinates with your own.

What is their pipeline?

In other words, how soon can they start? Many builders may be over a year out before starting your project, so keep this in mind and be prepared to be flexible. Finding a builder that has a compatible timeline as yours is important to make sure to start this process early.

Will they give you a ballpark or estimate of what the project will cost?

This is very helpful if a builder can provide this information for you, however, do not take this literally! It can be very difficult for a builder to estimate a project especially if there are no plans yet. So while it can be helpful on your end to gauge if your budget aligns, just know that the number will not be completely accurate.

How do they handle material lead times?

In the past years there have been a lot of supply chain issues, so if a builder does not have a solid process for dealing with these issues, then your project will likely face major delays. You want to make sure the builder is ordering items early on in order to prevent these concerns.

Ask them to walk through their process

A good builder will explain what their process is like and be transparent with you. This will be a way to determine if their process works with you and what you may expect. Every organized builder will at the very least have a process, but also be up front and share it with you.

What systems and softwares do they use?

This question scratches the surface at how organized they are. Documentation is everything, so make sure they have a solid system in place to notify all parties involved of any issues, changes, or decisions made. An organized company will ensure that everyone has up to date information at all times to prevent confusion and mistakes.

Ask them for referrals

You should absolutely ask a builder this! If the company does good work and has happy and satisfied past clients, this should be no problem. Talking to past clients will give you an idea of what it is like to work with the builder and any experiences (good or bad) they may have had.

When all is said and done, TRUST YOUR GUT. Hire a builder that you feel most comfortable with because you are investing a lot of time and money. You will be working with them a lot, so make sure you will get along with them and it feels right to you!

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