A Simple Guide to the Best Window Curtains

January 18, 2024


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New year, new home. That’s how the saying goes, right? Well, you don’t need to be completely remodeling or building a new home this year to hang up some new curtains and give your home a little facelift. From curtain top styles to choosing the right transparency- it is covered below, so keep reading if you’re looking to add or change some curtains in your space!

Top Styles

Pinch Pleat

#TheLakeLoft By Alma Homes

While there are several types of pleated styles (tailored, inverted, pencil, etc.) pinch pleat is our favorite! Pleated styles add fullness to curtains and are often made with thicker fabrics that hold the form nicely. These curtains will also incorporate a touch of elegance to a space with its formal design as seen above in #TheLakeLoft’s dining room.

Ripple Fold

#PineGroveProject By Alma Homes

Ripple fold curtains also fall on the elegant and formal scale of curtains because they sit so nicely when open. Plus, these are great curtains for spaces where you open and close them frequently because of the tracks they are on. They glide effortlessly making these the perfect hassle-free curtains.


By Alma Homes

Grommet curtains are similar to ripple fold in that they are also easy to open and close. However, these are more widely available to the average customer because they are sold at many accessible stores. They also come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes to choose from.

Rod Pocket

#TheLakeLoft By Alma Homes

If you’re not a fan of the exposed rod from the previous top styles, rod pocket curtains are for you. Rod pocket curtains hug the curtain rod, hiding it from view where the curtain sits. And because the curtains are a bit snug on the rod, these are better for spaces where you do not open and close them often. In fact, these would be perfect curtains for stationary side panels where they are mainly for decor. Stationary side panels are curtains that stay in place (hence stationary) on either side of the window framing it (hence side panels).



#PineGroveProject By Alma Homes

#PineGroveProject uses something fancy we like to call double curtain rods. With a double curtain rod, we were able to hang two different curtains to suit the home owners’ needs. The outer rod holds the green curtain for both privacy and style, and the inner rod holds the sheer white curtains. Sheer curtains offer privacy during the day when closed, yet still allow light through to maximize daylight coming in.


#PineGroveProject By Alma Homes

Semi-sheer curtains provide more privacy both during the day and at night, but still let a little light to shine through. They are a great in-between of sheer and blackout if you want the privacy of blackout but light to shine through like sheer.


#StayAtAltitude By Alma Homes

Blackout curtains are just as they seem- they blackout a room from any light coming from a window when the curtains are closed. These are perfect for bedrooms where you want complete darkness falling asleep- as long as you’re not afraid of the dark!

If you weren’t going to update or add some curtains to your home before, are you convinced now? From color, to pattern, to texture, curtains immediately elevate any space in your home and we’re here for it. Just look at all of those pictures with curtains- you can’t convince us those spaces would look better without those curtains!

Need help hanging up your curtains? Go check out our blog for a how-to with four simple steps here!

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