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January 11, 2024


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Knowing what type of hardware to place on a cabinet or drawer can be hard, let alone knowing where to place them. Worry not, we’ve laid it out below with pictures to reference. We love a good visual!



#BloomingtonBuild By Alma Homes

Knobs are the most common hardware we put on upper and lower cabinet doors. There are a few ways to place cabinet hardware, but we stick to the one we like best. We place the middle of the knob in line with the bottom/top of the face frame. Then, we center the knob between the frame and cabinet edge.


#TheLakeLoft By Alma Homes

Placement of cabinet door pulls are similar but a tad different. Instead of lining up the middle of the pull with the bottom/top of the face frame, we line up the top/bottom hole of the hardware with the face frame and then center between the frame and cabinet edge. A more common place we include pulls on cabinet doors are tall cabinets such as pantry cabinets or mudroom locker cabinets.



#PineGroveProject By Alma Homes

For drawers, we select pulls more commonly, but we still love the look of a little knob. Plus, you’re going to love us when we say it is the most simple of all the options. On a cabinet less than 24″ wide, simply center the hole on the drawer face.

It gets a bit more tricky when it is a cabinet wider than 24″. In that case, divide the cabinet into three equal parts and place the knob hole on the outer sides of either line while still centered vertically on the drawer.


#MendotaModern By Alma Homes

On a smaller drawer, pulls are the same as knobs- just center the pull on the face of the drawer. A trick for choosing the correct size pull is that it should be roughly 1/3 the size of the drawer width. For example, if you have an 18″ drawer, you would want to select a 6″ pull.

Again, it gets a little more tricky when the drawer is wider than 24″ because two pulls will be needed. However, it is the same process as the knobs. Divide the cabinet into three equal parts and place the pull on the outer sides of either line while still centered vertically on the drawer. For choosing the size of the pulls, take the width of the cabinet (example: 36″), divide by three (example: 36″/3 = 12″), and then divide that number by two to get the size of both pulls (example: 12″/2 = 6″ pulls).

Phew, that was a lot of math. If it was a little difficult in understanding the sizing and placement of knobs and pulls, the images provide a quick and simple way of visualizing it! Of course, there are other ways to place hardware. However, these are classic and timeless guides that will look great on any cabinet!


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