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January 21, 2020


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Welcome to the Alma Homes blog! Our team of designers and architects share weekly design cheat sheets, product roundups, and frequent updates on our current projects. Enjoy reading!

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We went to CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) in Vegas a few weeks ago, and were blown away from the crazy new technologies out there! We wanted to share a little overview of some of the newest innovations in home tech, and what we think will be big for smart home products in the next couple years!

In case you haven’t heard of it, CES is the world’s biggest consumer technology show – and we love getting to see all of the brand-new tech being unveiled each year! Whether you’re a tech-nerd or just a consumer curious about new products heading to the market, CES is a fun opportunity to see the direction smart tech is taking both in the home and in general.

Of course, some of the new technology is a little (okay, a lot) over the top, but there are also some super useful innovations we can definitely see being implemented in some of our future builds.

Smart Cabinet Hinges

If you’ve ever had your hands full unloading the dishwasher or unpacking groceries, you’ve probably wished that your cupboards could open automatically – and with smart hinges, that’s actually a possibility! We loved the practicality of being able to open a cupboard (or your garbage can) hands-free by using a voice command when you have your hands full.

Photo: Blum

Ultra-thin TVs

TVs are inevitable in main living spaces of a home, but they can also stand out and be a complete eye sore. At CES, we saw some crazy-thin TV monitors that blew us away! LG is one of the leading brands in TV innovation, and has displays that are referred to as “wallpaper thin” (they live up to that name!) and even models that roll down into a box when not in use. We love the idea of a TV that blends with the decor instead of standing out!

Photo: LG
LG Signature OLED TV R
The new rollable TV from LG is definitely over the top, but super cool, and able to be rolled to different heights for a variety of uses. Photo: LG

Smart Mirrors

Smart mirrors are something we’ve had our eye on for awhile, but always hesitated because they don’t always match the aesthetic we’re going for in our builds. As the technology progresses, though, we’re finding smart mirrors that look beautiful and have tons of cool features, from telling time and weather, to motion-sensored lighting, to facial recognition and appointment reminders.

Image result for smart mirrors
Photo: Seura Smart Mirror

Along with the useful tech we saw, we definitely saw some outrageous things too – like self-driving cars, wall-sized screens, and virtual reality and gaming technology that’s next-level and super cool, but probably not necessary.

Of course, there are also plenty of smart technologies that we already see a lot in our builds, like smart locks on doors, voice-controlled lights, Alexa controls and smart thermostats that allow you to control your home’s temperature settings remotely. Technology definitely isn’t going anywhere, and we love being able to incorporate it when and where we can in our builds! Tell us, what smart tech do you have in your home? Make sure to hop over to Instagram @AlmaHomes and tell us all about it!

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