Christmas Decor 101: The Best Finds for Your Home

November 2, 2023


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We’re not here to tell you to go out and make your home look like it belongs on the cover of a holiday magazine (wouldn’t that be cool though?), but a little Christmas decor goes a long way. Decorating your home will help you and your guests feel more in the holiday spirit this season, and since you’re on our nice list this year, we’ve rounded up our favorite Christmas pieces for you.


We LOVE garland. We include it on staircases, fireplaces, consoles…you name it! Garland is versatile, so you could also add it to a table or windowsill. Add some twinkle lights to your garland to really create a cozy feeling with the ambient lighting. As much as we love the real stuff, it is expensive and dies rather quickly. While I am normally team real garland, after dealing with the mess year after year, I began the quest to find faux garlands that look just as good as real ones, and we’ve link our favorites below.

15′ Garland **This is the garland from our reel**


We love incorporating wreaths not only on the front door, but on windows, mantels, and tables to dress up both your home’s exterior and interior. Wreaths are classic and timeless decor that always bring the holiday spirit to your home. Shop some of our favorite wreaths below!

Mini Wreaths

Mini versions of items are always the cutest — wreaths being one of them! Try hanging mini wreaths on the backs of stools, chairs, or over mirrors. Have some spare bows or ribbon? Add them to your wreath! You just can’t go wrong with decorating with wreaths during the holidays. Check out a couple of our favorite minis below!

Christmas Trees

Need help with your tree? We’ve got you covered with some simple tips and tricks to help create the perfect Christmas tree.

  1. Use one string of lights (100 lights) for each foot of height of your tree
  2. Push the lights far back into the tree to add depth
  3. Use 15-20 ornaments for each foot of height of your tree (if your tree is more than 9′ tall, use more)
  4. Use ornaments of various sizes and place them at different depths on the tree — not just the surface (start big and work down to small)
  5. Stick to a color palette of 2-4 colors
  6. Add in stems (real or faux) to add texture

We hope you’re feeling inspired and ready to elevate your home with these easy tips this season. We love the look of effortless decor because, like we said before, a little goes a long way. Happy decorating!


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