How to Conserve Water in Your Home

March 2, 2021


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Last week, we shared about how to make your home more energy efficient, which is so important for the environment and your wallet! Today, we’re back with our favorite tips for reducing water consumption in your home.

Save water with low-flow showerheads and faucets

A good starting point for looking at your water usage is taking stock of your faucets. The average family of four uses about 400 gallons of water each day, according to the EPA, and every little bit adds up! Installing aerators to your faucets works by reducing the amount of water, while using air to add pressure to the water flow. Showers can also be a major waste of water, especially if you enjoy long showers! You can offset a bit of this water waste by using low-flow showerheads. Look for a GPM of 2 or less, or shower heads that are rated with a Watersense rating.

Turn off the water when it’s not necessary

This simple daily change makes a huge difference! Turning off the water while you brush your teeth, shave, or do dishes is a quick and easy way to save a ton of water during daily activities. If you’re in the habit of starting a shower minutes before getting in, leaving the water running before or after you start doing the dishes, etc., try to remember to only turn on the water when it’s needed!

Fix leaks in pipes and faucets

Just like doing an energy audit, evaluating your pipes and faucets for damage is important in making sure you’re not using more water than necessary. Fixing any leaks in your pipes and faucets reduces constant dripping that can rack up your water usage faster than you’d think.

Save water with your appliance use

Make a habit of only using your washer and dishwasher for full loads of laundry or dishes. Remember that your appliances use the same amount of water whether the dishwasher is full or empty, so try to fill it up! You can also invest in appliances with lower water options to save water, and hand-wash items when you can.

Install a dual-flush or low-flush toilet

Your toilets are a huge percentage of the water use in your home – up to 30 percent! Installing dual or low-flush toilets can save a lot of water, up to four gallons per flush, which adds up, as you can imagine.

We’d love to hear which of these water conservation tips you use in your own home, or any you’d add to our list! Make sure to comment below and let us know, and chat with us on Instagram too, @AlmaHomes.

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