Everything You Need to Know About Sport Courts

June 27, 2024


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Designing an indoor sport court involves more than just picking a spot and laying down some flooring. From minimizing noise and choosing durable wall finishes to strategic access points and clever storage solutions, every detail counts. Imagine a space where white walls stay pristine despite bouncing balls, where a strategically placed door to the outside offers a place for the kiddos to run in and out of, and where a bird’s-eye view from above lets you referee sibling showdowns without stepping onto the court. Add in smart storage for equipment and natural light from well-placed windows, and you’ve crafted not just a court, but a dynamic hub for active fun and organization. These considerations ensure your indoor sport court isn’t just a place to play, but a smartly designed space that enhances both enjoyment and practicality. Keep reading for more about indoor sport courts!

#CoastalCustomBuild By Alma Homes


The cost of a sport court can vary significantly, making it a question of whether it’s worth the investment. Prices typically start around $8,000 to $10,000, but will adjust based on several factors. These include the specific features and materials chosen, as well as regional differences in construction and material costs. Therefore, the total cost can fluctuate depending on your selections and where you live.


#CoastalCustomBuild By Alma Homes

Want a sneak peek at something fun we did at #CoastalCustomBuild? We enlarged the typical 30′ x 30′ sport court size into enough space for pickleball! Talk about a win-win. Mom and dad finally have a reason to use the court between one v. one games and inviting some friends over for a tournament. Say goodbye to booking or waiting forever for a public pickleball court to open up!


Sport courts naturally generate significant noise from bouncing balls and excited children, making sound management an important consideration when adding or building one. But worry not, there are ways to minimize noise levels, such as choosing materials that absorb sound more effectively than standard sport court finishes. Specialized sound panels and boards are available specifically for sport courts, designed to reduce noise from balls bouncing off walls and other surfaces. They come in many options for colors, so you can even get creative with a pattern or just a fun color!


When planning an indoor sport court, it’s crucial to consider its location relative to areas where noise might be disruptive. Placing the court away from quiet spaces such as bedrooms or offices can help minimize disturbance from bouncing balls and enthusiastic play. Additionally, think about incorporating exterior windows to bring in natural light, which not only enhances the playing environment but also reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day!


#CoastalCustomBuild By Alma Homes

White walls, while they can brighten the space and create a clean aesthetic, are prone to scratches and scuffs from sporting equipment and vigorous play. Choosing durable and scratch-resistant wall finishes or opting for darker colors can help minimize visible wear and tear over time. Or you could paint your little heart away with white paint if you decide to install sound panels on the walls!


Another thing we recommend is including adequate storage for equipment and balls. Adding designated storage spaces, such as cabinets, shelves, bins, or a closet helps to keep the court area clutter-free. This also allows items to be easily accessible for play as well as prolonging the lifespan of sporting gear by protecting it from damage or loss. You will ultimately optimize the functionality and efficiency of your indoor sport court with some sort of storage, making it a more enjoyable and convenient space for recreational activities.


#CoastalCustomBuild By Alma Homes

When setting up your indoor sport court, think strategically about access—it’s not just about getting in and out without tripping over balls! Consider adding a door to the outside for those dramatic exits after a victorious game of mini-basketball. And hey, why not have a bird’s-eye view from upstairs? It’s the perfect spot to referee sibling rivalries without getting in the middle of the action. These not only add flair but also keep your sport court experience as entertaining as the games themselves!

Overall, building an indoor sport court isn’t just about creating a space for physical activity—it’s about crafting an environment that reflects your lifestyle and maximizes functionality. Whether it’s a lively game of indoor soccer or a quiet afternoon shooting hoops, a well-designed sport court becomes the heart of your home, blending practicality with playful spirit. So, go ahead, design with creativity and foresight—your indoor sport court awaits, ready to be a hub of activity and a source of lasting memories. Or have us design your dream court! Learn more about working with us here!

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