5 Must Haves for a Beautiful, Functional Mudroom

July 6, 2023


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We believe that, despite its name and purpose, your home’s mudroom should never be ignored. After all, it’s one of our most requested spaces from clients because of the many functions it can serve.

It’s officially summer and extracurricular activities are in full swing. We know it seems like a difficult (or almost impossible) task to stay organized with everyone and everything coming and going, but that’s why your mudroom design is so crucial.

A well thought-out mudroom will keep your home free of outdoor messes and help your family stay organized and efficient. It’s a place to conveniently store shoes, coats, pet supplies, and other items while keeping them out of your living room or other locations around your home.

We’re sharing our list of five must-have features for your mudroom in hopes of getting — and staying — organized.

1. Lockers with Closed Storage

Alma Homes Top Features to Include in a Custom Home Mudroom Design
#bloomingtonbuild by Alma Homes

Lockers are by far our favorite (and most requested) mudroom addition. Think of them as an enclosed drop zone for anything and everything. Having doors on the lockers keeps the mess out of sight, and their seamless design provides TONS of storage space. Pro tip: make sure the locker doors are ventilated — this is such a game changer!

2. Drop Desk

Alma Homes Top Features to Include in a Custom Home Mudroom Design
#pinegroveproject by Alma Homes

A drop desk acts as a great place to set all of your items when you come in from the garage (you know, like all the bags of those things you needed from that Target run). We love this one because the drawers provide even more storage space!

3. Charging Station

Alma Homes Top Features to Include in a Custom Home Mudroom Design
#thelakeloft by Alma Homes

Charging stations keep all devices out of sight and charged and ready to go for when you need them. We love being able to set aside the busyness of work life by leaving our devices charging in the mudroom, and incorporating a charging station makes this so easy to do. Have you tried it? We swear it will change your home life for the better! We like putting outlets with USB ports in each locker because it allows for charging additional devices.

4. Mudroom Bench

Alma Homes Top Features to Include in a Custom Home Mudroom Design
#thelakeloft by Alma Homes

If you have the room, a bench is a great addition. Benches are a great place for kids to sit when getting ready, and adding storage space like drawers or cubbies ensures that the seating space is multifunctional too.

5. Walk-In Closet

Alma Homes Top Features to Include in a Custom Home Mudroom Design
#thelakeloft by Alma Homes

With lockers, charging docks, hooks, and benches, you have the opportunity not only to store items more permanently, but also to have space to set things down temporarily without having to use the floor. A walk-in closet captures all of the overflow and seasonal items you don’t use daily!

Mudrooms are typically the main access point for people going in and out of their homes, so it makes sense to have a spot designated for smaller items to live. Not only that, but a mudroom also provides great storage space. What is your favorite mudroom addition?

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    Hi! I love the look of the light brick floor – where did you get that tile? Is it one color that just has a lot of variation? thx!

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