3 Things to Disguise in a Custom Kitchen

September 22, 2022


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Clutter, mess, and a plethora of appliances in the kitchen are a constant eye-sore, so we’re sharing our genius ways to disguise things in your kitchen to create a seamless and aesthetically-pleasing space.

When designing #thelakeloft, we kept all the awkward and not-so-beautiful appliances in mind. This included our fridge, dishwasher, blender, toaster, and all of the smaller appliances that usually stick out in a kitchen. We knew that we wanted to disguise these features to create a beautiful kitchen space that flowed with the rest of our home.

Here are a few of the ways we disguised things in our kitchen:

#thelakeloft kitchen

1. Built-in Paper Towel Holder

The paper towel holder may seem like an obtuse feature to disguise in your kitchen, but who really wants their paper towels on display anyway? We included a built-in paper towel holder and drawer system in our kitchen design, and we love that it keeps the paper towels handy but hidden. Thoughtfully consider the functionality, placement, and design of your kitchen before having this built into your cabinetry. We recommend going through your local custom cabinet shop to do so!

#thelakeloft kitchen

2. Built-In Appliances

We can appreciate that appliances today have become increasingly refined in their design to hold their ground in kitchen designs without being covered by a panel. Depending on your kitchen design, you might be after that seamless look and consider paneled appliances. Panels hold a cabinet front, so panel-ready describes an appliance that’s had a cabinet panel installed over the appliance to match the rest of your kitchen design. Adding panels helps to streamline the look of your kitchen, and also creates symmetry in your overall design.

#thelakeloft kitchen

3. Small Appliances

For those pesky smaller appliances that tend to fill our counters with cords galore, we created spaces within #thelakeloft to store these items with retractable cabinetry. Also coined as “slide and hide” or “pocket doors”, these cabinet doors open up as they would normally and then retract back into the cabinetry (like a garage door). They’re perfect for smaller kitchens where space is limited. They also allow for easy access to contents and keeps the door from being in the way.

#thelakeloft kitchen

We hope this post helps you consider the variety of ways that you can disguise appliances and features within your home for a seamless and beautiful overall kitchen appearance. Follow us on Instagram to see these hidden designs in use!

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    I love it! You guys just get it! You know exactly what the home owner today needs. By the way. The Lake Loft is gorgeous! Do you have a post on it with more details? I love the cabinet color. Timeless, warm and inviting.

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