Guide To The Best Throw Pillow Covers And Inserts

August 18, 2022


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Cue the fluffs and karate chops because today we’re sharing our guide to the best throw pillow covers and inserts! We’ll talk you through the easiest way to get your pillow inserts into your covers for the fullest and most-chic look. Don’t worry – we won’t leave you when hanging on where to purchase our favorite inserts or stunning throw pillow covers either. Scroll down to shop our favorites and create the perfect throw pillow!

Design tip:

Always order one size up on your inserts so you have a nice and full pillow! For example, if you have an 18×18 cover, you’ll want to order a 20×20 insert. 

The easiest way to get your pillow inserts into your covers:

Step 1: The key is to fold your insert pillow in half

Step 2: Unfold it inside the cover and work it into the corners

Step 3: Pinch the corners and zip it closed

Step 4: Give it a good fluff…

Step 5: And a good chop!

For a visual tutorial, visit us on Instagram to see how we follow this formula in seconds!

The Best Throw Pillow Inserts

Patterned Throw Pillow Covers

Striped Throw Pillow Covers

Solid Throw Pillow Covers

Who knew there was such a method to the madness! For more affordable throw pillow cover options with fast shipping, check out our Amazon storefront! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more interior home design tips.


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