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September 16, 2019


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Maybe it’s happened to you: you move into a new home and get so excited when you see all of the storage space. Cupboards! Closets! Shelving! There’s no way you could even use all this, and you’re going to be an organizational guru the likes of Marie Kondo. You don’t even have that much stuff! Then, you move in, some time passes, and soon the closets are full, cupboard doors can barely close, and there’s mail and papers stacked on the desk and counter that you just never got around to dealing with. No? Just us?

Especially once September starts and the school year kicks in, it seems like there’s just never enough space or time to keep everything organized, and soon you’re inevitably living in sooo much clutter. But guess what? There are some easy ways you can make the storage space you have even more effective (or actually create more space to begin with!)

Closet Organization Systems

If clothes are a source of chaos in your home, organizing your closet is a must. Closet organizers can range from simple hanging shelves to full custom inserts, but regardless, they help you maximize your space and keep everything where it needs to be – and easy to find!

We love designing closets with tons of storage space!
This kids’ closet from The Happy Housie utilizes space so well with shelves and baskets

Functional Decor

Find decor pieces that double as storage/organizational space. Cute mail holders, decorative baskets and bins (see below), blanket ladders, trendy bookshelves with space for storage bins, or benches and coffee tables with storage space are all great options. The key here is to find storage options that are not just functional, but match your home’s decor style as well!

This bold shelving at #thetonkahouse is perfect for decor and storage!
The shelves and crates in this room from Beneath My Heart give lots of storage space!
This cart gives you the function of a nightstand with a bunch of added storage space!

Baskets and Bins

There’s a reason they’re a classic organizational tool: baskets and bins allow you to store a wide variety of things, from blankets, towels, and toiletries to kids’ stuff and pantry items. There’s no shortage of beautiful options you can put on display, or stick to more simple bins and baskets for inside closets and cupboards. 

We love this built-in island storage – plus, no need for paper towel holders on the counter!
The Container Store has no shortage of options for amazing storage options!

A place for everything, and everything in its place

The most common way things get disorganized and cluttered is when there’s not a designated spot for things to go. Think piles of papers on desks, food on the counter once you run out of cupboard space, toiletries taking over your bathroom vanity. The solution is simple – make sure you have a spot for everything!

The perfect spot for cookbooks, dishes and decor
A lot of our clients use mudrooms or entryways as an organized catch-all for kids’ jackets, shoes, and other miscellaneous items.

Use Labels

Maybe this is just the dream of a Type A individual, but labels make it extra clear where everything belongs. Label baskets for each person in the house, containers holding household items, or your pantry to be able to find anything you need super easily.

Create a timeless decor with simple accessories IKEA- bissoonauth leel …
This pantry is an organizational dream

Clutter is inevitable – especially if kids are involved. But with a little planning and creativity, you can set your home up for success and keep things where they need to be! If you use any creative storage solutions, make sure to share them with us on Instagram! Tag @almahomes so we can be inspired by your creativity, too!

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  1. I like the idea of using bins. I would think that would be a good way to have a place to put things. I’ll have to consider picking some of those up for the kitchen.

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