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November 7, 2018


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The kitchen is arguably one of our favorite rooms in the house, primarily because it’s the space that everyone gravitates towards! Because of this, we think it’s important that your kitchen is not only beautiful, but is also practical and functional. Below we’ve laid out four ways to decorate your kitchen that are both pretty and purposeful.


Oh how I love a good decorative bowl.  Not only do bowls add a touch of style, but they act as a way to organize items you want to keep easily accessible on your counter.  I love putting fruit out in a bowl so I can grab a quick snack or breakfast in a hurry, but the color of the fruit also adds some color to the kitchen.


Another great accessory for your kitchen that has both style and practicality is a knife block. They make your knifes easily accessible and save you drawer space all while making your kitchen look chic and sophisticated.


Hands down, cutting boards are my favorite accessory for the kitchen.  I love how a good cutting board with add some warmth to your space, but also how handy is it to not have to go digging through cupboards every time you need to cut something.  I don’t know about you, but mine are proudly displayed on the counter, and they are used daily.


Last, but not least, PUT THE APPLIANCES AWAY. This has to be one of our biggest pet peeves when it comes to kitchen design. There’s no bigger eye-sore than a bulky microwave or toaster sitting on your countertop. I know what you’re thinking, where else am I supposed to put them? If you have a pantry, we recommend storing them in there. Otherwise, designing a custom shelf in your cabinets to store them away is another option.

Did we miss anything? What are some ways you like to accessorize your kitchen?

Photography: Laura Rae Photography, Melissa Oholendt Photography, Sarah Olfelt Photo

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