#TheHighlandsHouse Living Room Reveal

October 31, 2018


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When building or renovating a home, the number one thing on our minds is…YOU. We hope to create a space that not only looks great, but is also functional for your lifestyle. For this living room, we wanted to create a space that felt both elegant and inviting. The addition of contemporary furniture and accessories as well as an updated fireplace had this room shaped up in no time – we didn’t even need to paint the walls!

Prior to renovation, the living room in #thehighlandshouse felt dreary and outdated, but luckily had loads of potential with just a few simple updates. Usually fireplaces are the focal point of living rooms, so we wanted to make sure this one was a complete stunner. As you can see, the fireplace used to have a screen that was a bit…okay, a lot…of an eyesore. We ditched the screen and cleaned up the surrounding area by adding a chic marble tile. Now the fireplace is the star of the room! As for flooring and walls, we were able to keep the existing wood floors and paint.

When it comes to furniture shopping, it is always difficult finding the perfect piece. What color do you choose? What fabric is the most durable? For color, my answer 9 out of 10 times is neutrals, neutrals, neutrals. They are always a great base color for furniture and walls because you’re able to mix and match other materials on-top to bring variety without causing the space to feel busy. 

On the opposite end of the room, we uncluttered the open style book shelf with a few stylish accessories, and placed a black reading chair in the corner to cozy up the space. Because of these simple additions, #thehighlandshouse living room took a complete 180, and we are proud of the eye-catching results.

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