How to Decorate Your Home for Winter

December 12, 2019


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Seasonal decor can be so tricky. You don’t want to overwhelm your space, or spend all your money on decor pieces you only use for a couple months (or less!) of the year, but you still want your home to be seasonally appropriate and festive! We’re rounding up some of our favorite ways to decorate your home for the whole winter season.

Greenery & natural elements

Nothing says winter quite like wreaths and garlands, right? Skip the colorful ornaments and ribbons (or just add them for Christmas, if you’d like), and go with the classic look of greenery on mantels, railings and centerpieces. Add pine cones and other natural elements to bring the winter outdoor vibe inside.

Photo: Room For Tuesday

Cozy textiles

We’ve talked endlessly about how throw pillows and blankets add warmth and interest to your home, and there’s no better time for them than in the colder months! For winter, focus on cozy textures, like cable knit or faux fur, and neutral winter patterns (buffalo plaid is a long-time favorite!) Check out our longer posts all about layering bedding and styling throw pillows, too!

Photo: Maison de Pax
Photo: Dear Lillie

Soft lighting and candles

With less natural light, it’s all about ambiance. Make sure to implement our lighting tips, including floor and table lamps, and don’t skimp on candles to add warmth to your space. Pick “wintery” scents to add even more of that cozy winter vibe. If you have a fireplace, keeping a fire going on chilly nights is a surefire way to create the perfect winter mood.

Photo: Room For Tuesday
Photo: Dear Lillie

Don’t neglect the exterior!

Whether you’re a Clark Griswold type decorator for the holidays, or never even put a wreath up on the door, adding some decor to your home’s exterior is a great way to welcome guests and add some flair to the neighborhood while you’re at it!

Photo: The Painted Hinge

Re-purpose Christmas decor

If you celebrate and decorate for Christmas, you know all too well the hassle of dragging out boxes after Thanksgiving and getting all your decorations up, only to face having to take them all back down in January. Luckily, you don’t have to immediately pack everything away! Use your neutral Christmas decor pieces as winter decor in January and even early February, too.

Photo: Blesser House

As with most of our design and decor tips, winter decor is all about simplicity and versatility. Make use of what you already have and you’ll keep things looking classic, warm and welcoming all winter long.

Tell us all about your holiday and winter decor, and make sure to share it with us on Instagram @AlmaHomes, too! Happy holidays!

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