Everything You Need to Know About Hygge Living

December 6, 2019


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You may have seen the term hygge as you’ve scrolled past posts on Instagram or articles online – but what does this Danish word actually mean? We’re here to tell you all about hygge, and how to achieve it for yourself this winter!

Now that the holidays are over, there seems to be a collective sigh among Minnesotans as the reality of dark, cold winter days ahead hits us. We’re always up for ideas on how to make winters a bit more bearable, and one of our favorites is hygge! Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”), in its Danish and Norwegian translation, basically means “cozy.” It’s the embodiment of coziness and comfort that leads to contentment, and it’s one of the latest trends in trying to achieve the ultimate level of happiness, especially during these cold and dark winter months! In order to take a cue from our Danish friends (who report high levels of happiness despite the frigid winter!) there are a few components that are key to practicing hygge in all its cozy glory.

Make it cozy

Decor plays a large part in making your home and life feel truly hygge. Make sure you have lots of cozy throw blankets, comfy clothes and slippers, light the fireplace if you have one, and make it all feel warm and welcoming.

Photo: Alma Homes

Focus on simple pleasures

What are the little activities that bring you happiness? Is it actually sitting down and reading a book from start to finish? Bundling up and going for a leisurely walk? Doing a puzzle, playing an instrument, or playing a board game? Find an activity you can do at home with no real agenda or urgency, and give yourself the time and permission to do it! Bonus points if screens aren’t involved!

Photo: Postris.com

Mood lighting

Along the same lines, one of the main components of hygge is candlelight! Invest in lots of candles, scented or not, and enjoy the moody flickering that instantly makes everything feel a bit more cozy and inviting. Fireplace light counts, too!

Photo: Chelsea Dinen

Comfort food

Hygge is not the place for salads and green smoothies. The name of the game with your food is comfort. That doesn’t necessarily mean junk food, but rather, taking time to cook, bake, and enjoy the food and drinks you create. We’re thinking a big pot of soup, homemade bread and an indulgent cocoa (or homemade cocktail!) fits the bill perfectly. (This list of recipes is a great place to start!)

Photo: Plays Well With Butter

Loved ones

Hygge is not meant to encourage you to hibernate alone all winter, it’s supposed to be shared! Take the winter season as an opportunity to cuddle up with a significant other or rekindle friendships over conversation, games, good food and drinks, and candlelight. A fun trend in recent years has been hygge parties – invite a few close friends over, light the candles, make a cozy meal and some wintery cocktails, and play games together. The best part is that sweatpants and hoodies are totally encouraged, and no one has to go out in the cold! you’ll totally forget why you hated winter in the first place!

Photo: Design Sponge

So tell us, have you tried hygge living yet? If not, do you plan to? Make sure to share photos of your cozy home and hygge ideas with us over on Instagram @AlmaHomes. Happy winter!

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