How to Make a Bed Like a Designer

June 13, 2024


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Design Tips
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Looking for that Pinterest-perfect bed? It all starts with styling like a designer. Oh and look at that… we’re designers – here to help! We love balancing simplicity with sophistication by mixing textures and patterns to create layers. On the other hand, we like to stay a little more calm with the amount of pillows when making a bed. Let’s be real, no one wants to make their bed every morning by putting a heap of pillows on it just to take them all off at night before bed. Read more below on how we create a picture-worthy bed!

Begin With Sheets

#TheLakeLoft By Alma Homes

Putting on sheets might seem straight forward, but we have a little designer trick up our sleeve! Whether you have solid or patterned sheets, designers ALWAYS put the top sheet on so that the “finished” side faces the fitted sheet. We do this so that when you fold the sheet over at the top to make it pretty-looking, the patterned or finished side is showing.

Add Some Layers

#CoastalCustom By AlmaHomes

Next, grab a quilt, coverlet, or woven blanket and lay it over the top sheet. We like to make sure this is a thin layer because if you’re a hot sleeper like me, you can always add more layers but be able to kick them off if it gets too steamy.

Add a Duvet

#CoastalCustom By Alma Homes

Over the thin layer include a duvet or comforter folded up at the end of the bed. Not only is this great for the aesthetics but also if you get chilly you can easily pull up another layer!

King Bed Inspiration:

Get the Look // Quilt | Duvet | Throw Blanket | Back Throw Pillows | Front Throw Pillow

Throw Blankets

#PineGroveProject By Alma Homes

Also on the end of the bed, add some visual interest with a throw blanket or two. You can opt for a more neutral vibe here or mix things up with different textures or patterns!

King Bed Inspiration:

Get the Look // Quilt | Duvet | Throw Blanket | Back Throw Pillows | Front Throw Pillow

Bed Pillows

At the head of the bed, place your bed pillows you sleep on. Ideally you want to have four pillows either stacked vertically like in the image on the left, or stacked horizontally like in the image on the right. If it is for a guest bedroom, we recommend including different firmnesses so that guests can choose what they prefer.

P.S. Use king size pillows for a king bed, and standard size pillows for a queen or smaller.

Queen Bed Inspiration:

Get the Look // Quilt | Duvet | Throw Blanket | Back Throw Pillows | Front Throw Pillow

Top Off With Throw Pillows

#StayAtEmerald By Alma Homes

Last but not least, add some throw pillows- the fun part! However, we are big believers that less is more when it comes to bed pillows (maybe hot take??). So, before you go and add a hundred pillows, maybe narrow it down do just a few as to keep a clean looking aesthetic bed.

Queen Bed Inspiration:

Get the Look // Quilt | Coverlet | Throw Blanket | Back Throw Pillows | Front Throw Pillow

In the pursuit of achieving that coveted Pinterest-perfect bed, the key lies in adopting a designer’s eye for styling. And lucky for you, that’s precisely where we come in. With our expert guidance, crafting a bed that’s both Instagram-worthy and conducive to a restful night’s sleep is effortlessly attainable. So say farewell to the days of bed-making struggles and embrace the artistry of designing your own picture-worthy haven of relaxation!

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