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January 19, 2021


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Whether you’re just starting a family or already have children, making sure that your home is safe and ready for little ones is so important. We’re sharing tips for how to make your home as safe as possible for infants and kids, from the basics to the things you might not have thought about!


This one is definitely an obvious one, but installing child-proof cabinet locks for any cabinets within reach is essential for keeping cleaning supplies, etc. out of children’s hands. If you’d rather not use cabinet locks, make sure that cleaning supplies and anything else that could be dangerous to your little ones is in higher cabinets that they won’t be able to access on their own. It’s also wise to keep knives, lighters and heavy kitchen items in higher cabinets or in drawers with childproof locks.


If you’re building a new home, or want to do an easy update, installing tamper-resistant outlets from the get-go is an easy choice to make your home safer for kids. Keep in mind, though, that tamper-resistant outlets aren’t invincible. When in doubt, use outlet plugs that your children aren’t able to remove, and of course make sure to teach your children the dangers of inserting items into outlets.


Heavy furniture, like dressers, bookshelves, and standing mirrors, can quickly become a danger to children if they are not fastened to the wall. To avoid the risk of a child pulling the furniture down, or having it fall, make sure to bolt your furniture directly to the wall.

Check for red flags

It’s important to take a look at the more structural things in your home that might need to be updated for the safety of your kids. Lead paint in older homes may not have been a concern when you first moved in, but if you have young children, hiring someone to remove and replace lead paint is always a good choice. Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries, and set a reminder to do so regularly.

Secure your Doors and Windows

Windows and doors, especially on higher floors of your home, can pose a huge danger to children if they’re easy to open. Make sure to install child-proof locks on your windows and doors to keep little ones safely inside. Make sure to also check your garage door for its safety features, like motion sensors and auto-reverse.

Restrict Dangerous Areas

When all else fails, using gates is a great option for keeping young kids away from stairs and out of rooms that may pose a hazard. You may even consider a fireplace gate to keep children safe from the fireplace. Knob covers for the stove can help protect children from stove injuries, too.

Many of these tips seem like common sense, but every detail matters when it comes to the safety of our children. Do you have any child safety tips to add to the list? Make sure to let us know in the comments below and over on Instagram too @AlmaHomes.

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