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January 13, 2021


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Welcome to the Alma Homes blog! Our team of designers and architects share weekly design cheat sheets, product roundups, and frequent updates on our current projects. Enjoy reading!

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Things change quickly in the design world, and we always like to take stock at the beginning of the year in trends that are coming and going. Here are our predictions for 2021!

Wood tones

Wood has always been a staple, and it’s not going anywhere. We’re seeing lots of light wood trending right now! White oak is hugely popular in flooring and cabinetry. Slightly warmer and medium tone woods are making a comeback too.

Natural elements in finishes

Natural elements are being incorporated more than ever – think concrete, terracotta, marble – in everything from hard surfaces installed in the home to furniture, accessories & light fixtures. We love how these materials tie in nature and work perfectly with other neutrals and warmer wood.

Warmer colors & deep, rich colors.

Whether it be paint or furniture, things are shifting warmer on the scale.  Soft whites are still definitely popular, but there is a push towards more off-whites, beiges, mushroom, taupes, & soft greys and greens, especially as it pertains to cabinetry. Deep greens, blacks, and even rusty reds are making their way into the color palette, too.

No more all-grey-everything

Along those lines, the days of all grey color palettes are definitely on their way out. That’s not to say a grey accent isn’t still perfectly in-style, but we aren’t seeing too many all-grey color schemes anymore.


Brass is still here and as strong as ever for lights, plumbing fixtures, accessories, anywhere you can think. We love how it’s such a striking accent and livens up otherwise neutral rooms!


Mixing in vintage elements helps add texture and interest to your home, whether that be through furniture, rugs, artwork or even structural elements. We used vintage windows at #TheLakeLoft and love how it adds character to an otherwise new build!

Design Styles

The two main design styles that we are seeing as the most prevalent are a warm, modern cottage style, and also Scandinavian. Think warm neutrals, light woods, greenery, soft textures and minimal decor – none of that cluttered farmhouse look in 2021!

What are your predictions for design trends in 2021? What do you hope to see, or not see, in the upcoming year?! We want to hear from you! Comment below and over on Instagram too @AlmaHomes!

Photography: Melissa Oholendt, Spacecrafting Photography

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