How To: Maximize Space in the Laundry Room

July 1, 2021


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It’s the household chore we wish we could avoid and the not-so-glamorous part of styling a home. It’s a space that’s undoubtedly the most used next to the kitchen, yet it’s also the most forgotten about when it comes to intentional design. Let’s take a peek at a few of our past projects that saw some major TLC when it came to the laundry room and what we incorporated into the spaces to maximize and utilize every square inch possible.

Keep Laundry Within Reach

#EaganRemodel Laundry and Mudroom
The laundry room combines with a mudroom at our #EaganRemodel

Our #EaganRemodel clients truly thought about how they would ideally be using their mudroom space, and with a growing family, it meant a lot of messes (and laundry). To maximize the available space in their home, we combined their mudroom with their laundry room. This way, when the kids come home from school, they’re able to immediately throw their dirty jerseys and changes of clothes in the wash. This combined space keeps laundry in reach and minimizes dirty clothes from reaching other parts of the home. 

Install a Drying Rack

#MaxwellBayBuild Laundry Room
The #MaxwellBayBuild laundry room

For a more functional space, secure a single rod to your wall for a makeshift drying rack in a small laundry room. By stacking the washer and dryer machines at the #MaxwellBayBuild, we provided our clients with more storage and drying space that they desperately needed. We also installed cabinetry work around the machines to make them feel as if they’re built-ins – eliminating their bulky statues. Take time to reflect on how you could be utilizing your wall space and extending the eye upward.

Hidden Machines

 #TheHighlandsHouse Hidden Laundry
The washer and dyer machines are tucked away at #TheHighlandsHouse

We know most washer and drying machines aren’t the prettiest pieces of machinery to look at it. At #TheHighlandsHouse, we strategically tucked their “laundry room” next to their lower-level bar by installing the machines inside the same cabinetry work found at the bar. From the outside, guests won’t even guess the family spends their time here on laundry day. If having a dedicated room to do laundry isn’t available in your home, this is the perfect way to create your own space! 

Play With Color and Pattern

#BaycliffeReno Modern Laundry Room
The #BaycliffeReno modern and updated laundry room

It may seem like a given, but simply carrying your home’s theme into the laundry room immediately brings life to the room. At the #BaycliffeReno, we incorporated the same deep navy cabinetry color found in their kitchen and mudroom, as well as tied in the hexagon tile pattern used elsewhere in the home. Taking small design steps like this ensures consistency throughout the home and helps appliances “blend in.” We encourage you to have fun with the colors and patterns found within your laundry room!

Built-in Countertops

#RaspberryHillHouse Laundry Room
Built-in countertops encase the washer and dryer at the #RaspberryHillHouse

The main goal that a lot of our clients have is to make the washer and dryer feel tucked away and not obvious to guests. At the #RaspberryHillHouse, we tucked their machines under a built-in countertop that created extra space for them to fold clothes and store supplies. Additional floating shelves and a rod drying rack utilized the wall space to its full potential. These subtle touches make the laundry room feel more a part of your home!

Whether you’re working to build out your laundry room or don’t have a dedicated laundry room at all, we hope these designs offered insight into the endless possibilities of making your laundry room both functional and stylish.

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Let’s create a space that encourages us to do laundry in style!

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