Top Five Ways to Brighten Low-Light Spaces

October 27, 2020


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This time of year, it feels like daylight is fading by the minute! With cold, dark days of winter sneaking up on us fast, keeping your home light and bright is so important for productivity and mental health. We’re sharing five of our favorite tips for making your home brighter during these darker days!

Choose light colors

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s because it’s a tried-and-true trick! As much as we love a bold, dark accent wall, lighter wall colors do wonders with brightening a room. Choose your accent walls carefully, and keep other walls light and bright when you can! In addition, choosing a majority of lighter wood pieces of furniture, floors, rugs, etc. can contribute to the same brightening effect.

Use a variety of light sources

Don’t simply rely on your overhead lighting to keep things bright. The most welcoming, well-lit homes have a good combination of light sources, from overhead, to floor lamps, to wall sconces and side lamps. In rooms with little-to-no natural light, like bathrooms, having layered lighting is especially important for the most even light possible.

Replace dark curtains with lighter ones

Heavy black-out curtains are very good at doing their job, and even when drawn back, they tend to make a room feel darker. Instead, opt for lighter colors and materials that don’t completely block out your light. Bonus: tall, light-colored curtains can make your room feel bigger, too!

Utilize mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, which is a great thing when you’re trying to get the most of the light in your home! Use mirrors in living rooms and bedrooms to reflect extra light around your room, and take the time to get the most bang for your mirror buck by placing them strategically opposite windows for an extra boost.

Photography: Melissa Oholehdt

Maximize your natural light

If you can, make changes to your home’s structure or decor to make the most of the natural light you do have. If possible, swap out heavy front doors for doors with windows, and move any furniture that partially blocks windows. If you’re building or remodeling, consider the rooms where you want the most light, and plan windows accordingly. No one ever complained about having too much natural light!

Photography: Spacecrafting Photography

With just a few simple strategies, you can take your home from dark and dull to light and bright, even in the shorter, darker winter months. We want to know if you have any extra tips or tricks for making your home as light as possible in the winter! Comment below or over on Instagram @AlmaHomes with your favorites!

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