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November 3, 2020


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When buying, designing or renovating a home, the master suite is often one of the areas people choose to put the most time and investment into. You want your bedroom and bathroom to be an oasis, and a place to relax and rejuvenate. There are also so many choices when it comes to your master bathroom, and the shower in particular! We’re sharing the different types of master showers, pros and cons of each, and how to make the best design choices for your own home.

Generally speaking, there are two routes you can take for your shower design – prefabricated or custom. Let’s chat through each!

Prefabricated showers

Prefabricated (prefab) showers are a great option for those who prefer to keep things simple, and they’re also the more frugal choice, since they tend to be cheaper than designing a shower yourself. These showers generally are acrylic or fiberglass all-inclusive units, including a floor, walls, fixtures and all, which means that they’re easy to choose, but also allow for less customization. Prefab showers have come a long way over the years, and there are a lot of great options out there!

6 reasons to upgrade to prefab shower walls | Inspired Living |
Photo: Omaha World-Herald

If you decide to go with a prefab shower, there are generally a few types you can choose from, ranging from multi-piece systems that a homeowner comfortable with DIY could manage, to single piece systems that usually require installation by a professional. There are also prefabricated wall kits that you can use to upgrade your shower if you already have a bathtub you like.

Quality definitely varies based on type and price, from more simple, generic designs at home improvement stores to high-end designs made to look like marble. The simple, seamless designs are often easier to keep clean than tile, which is another perk if you’re worried about maintenance!

FlexStone Shower Wall Surrounds #SSK48367831CP
Photo: Lowes

Long story short: if you’re looking for the most simple option for your master shower, prefab is the easier (and often cheaper) way to go! Do beware of quality though, since these showers are harder to repair.

Custom showers

Custom showers, as their name implies, are much more involved than prefabricated ones, and also allow you much more choice in the design and style. This can also make them overwhelming, since detail choices have to be made from the type of shower, to the tile, to the showerhead, to the doors and drains. There are a few basic types of showers you can choose from in your home:

Manual mixer shower

This is the classic shower that we all know very well – a faucet (or two separate faucets) that adjust the temperature manually. This is the most cost-effective option, and you can’t go wrong with a classic!

Photography: Spacecrafting Photography
Steam shower

A steam shower is exactly what it sounds like: a sealed shower designed to release steam before, during or after your shower. These showers are truly a luxury experience and feel like bringing a spa into your home, but can also be a bit expensive, due to the equipment needed and the full sealing that’s necessary to protect your bathroom. Is it worth it? Yes! We have a steam shower in the master at the Lake Loft, and couldn’t love it more!

Electric/thermostat shower systems

For people who want their water temperature automated, electric and thermostat-connected showers are a great way to ensure your ideal water temperature for every shower. Of course, the technology comes with a higher price range, but for people who want to prioritize their master bathroom for luxury, this can be a great choice.

Delta Temp2O Electronic Smart LED Digital Temperature Display Shower F -
Photo: Faucet List

Shower heads

After deciding the type of shower you’d like for your master bath, it’s time to choose a style of shower head! From ceiling-mounted waterfall showers, to dual shower heads, to full-body jets, there are so many options for a shower that truly feels like a luxury.


We chatted all about bathroom layouts here, but of course you can’t design your dream master shower without deciding on a layout first! Whether it’s a tub/shower combo, a standalone shower, or an open-concept wet room, the design should be custom to you and your own preferences.

Of course, your master bathroom design will be limited to the space you have to work with – but there are truly so many routes to a gorgeous, spa-like master bathroom at home. We want to know what your dream master bath would look like! Are you a prefab shower fan, or would you build from the ground up? Make sure to comment below with your thoughts, and join us over on Instagram @AlmaHomes, too!

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