Our 2020 KBIS Recap

February 18, 2020


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Welcome to the Alma Homes blog! Our team of designers and architects share weekly design cheat sheets, product roundups, and frequent updates on our current projects. Enjoy reading!

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The KBIS (Kitchen & Bath Industry) Show in Vegas last month was so much fun – and we want to bring some of the excitement to you! Here are a few highlights of our quick trip out to Vegas, and some of our favorite new designs and products.

Steam Fireplaces

The newest option for fireplaces isn’t actually fire at all – it’s steam! We were blown away by how realistic the flames on these fireplaces looked, for not being flames at all. Plus, these fireplaces are super safe, with no fire involved, and cheaper to run as well, since they don’t require gas or a large amount of electricity. We can definitely see clients of ours using steam fireplaces in their homes!

Photo: Modern Flames

Emtek’s Door Hardware

We were obsessed with the versatility and customization available in Emtek door hardware. Every piece of the handles could be chosen separately and built into the perfect design for your space, which works for custom homes in every style.

Lots of porcelain

One of the big trends we’re seeing right now is a lot of porcelain – especially for countertops. Porcelain is resistant to scratches, UV damage, and heat, and it’s so beautiful, too! Of course, the finish on these slabs only goes so deep, but you can get porcelain counters that look like marble, wood, or even steel, making them very versatile.

So Much Brass

This came as no surprise, but we saw so much brass! It’s definitely a strong trend in hardware and fixtures (even bathtubs!), and we love it! It definitely packs a punch and helps to add some interest in neutral spaces.

Delta’s Glass Washer

These glass washers are a great addition to your kitchen, and we’d love one for our own bar, too – because who doesn’t want to save time doing dishes? They can be used for glassware and even baby bottles, making them a super useful tool in any home.

Lunch with Builder Friends

One of the best parts of attending these shows is getting to see other builders we’ve become friends with over the years. We got to have lunch with a bunch of our favorite builders, and had a great time, as always! This industry is so full of great people.

Warners’ Stellian Top Golf

Warners’ Stellian hosted an outing to Top Golf, and it was so much fun! The social aspect of these builder shows is so wonderful and we always look forward to it.

We always enjoy our time traveling to builder shows, and the KBIS show was no exception. Plus, who doesn’t have fun in Vegas?! Come hang out with us over on Instagram @AlmaHomes for updates on all the events we attend near and far, and keep up-to-date on more design trends, too!

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