How to Prepare Your House to Sell

April 13, 2021


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Springtime is always the craziest time for real estate, and this year is no different. The market is crazy, and there are lots of buyers out there looking for their dream home! If you’re looking to sell your home soon, we’ve got some tips for getting your house ready to sell, and getting an offer fast.

Start with a solid first impression

The exterior of your home is the first things buyers see, both online and in person, and it makes a big impact on a buyer’s first impression and likelihood to buy! Make sure your lawn is clear of items, your front door has a fresh coat of paint, and your landscaping is in good shape before you list.

Make it a blank slate

Family photos and personal touches throughout your home make it your own, but remember that buyers are looking to make it theirs! Removing or putting away personal items and personalized decor will help buyers walking through to picture it as their own and see its full potential.


Clutter in your closets, drawers and living spaces will make your home feel smaller, and definitely won’t impress buyers! Keep your spaces organized and decluttered as much as possible. You can even consider investing in closet systems or drawer organization to keep everything neatly in its place. If you have too much stuff to acheive a more decluttered look, you can also put items into storage until it’s time to move.

Keep it clean

We’re not talking your quick surface wipedown here – your home should be truly, deeply clean. Clean windows (interior and exterior if possible,) dust surfaces and blinds, and give the floors a good washing. If it’s too daunting, you can also hire cleaners to come and give everything a full cleaning, this has the bonus of making sure you don’t miss any spots you might be a bit “blind” to!

View your home from another perspective

Speaking of being blind to your home, sometimes living in a home for awhile keeps you from seeing little flaws that you otherwise might. Have a friend or family member do a walk through and note anything they notice, from paint scuffs and drywall holes to loose handles and chipping paint. Make the repairs you need to before listing.

Make small changes that make a big impact

There’s no need for drastic, expensive updates to your home before selling (most of the time), but giving things a quick touch-up never hurts! Replace plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware, and decor, and give walls a fresh coat of neutral paint. You’d be shocked by how fresh your home feels with just some new paint. If you want to make bigger changes, but can’t afford to do too many, think about replacing appliances that are outdated, since old appliances can be a major repellent for prospective buyers.

If you’re in the process of selling your home, or recently sold yours, we’d love to hear your perspective on what helped you sell quickly! Do you have any tips to add? Make sure to let us know in the comments, and come chat with us at @AlmaHomes at Instagram, too!

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