Things to Consider When Building a Home in Minnesota

April 6, 2021


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Whether you’re a born and raised Minnesotan ready to build your forever home, or you’re moving to Minnesota from another part of the country (or outside the country!) there are several things to keep in mind when building in Minnesota, or the Midwest in general! We’re walking you through what to expect and what to consider when building your home.

Make sure your home is designed for the weather

Minnesota (and the midwest in general) is unique because of the wide variety of weather we have. Of course, we’re known for the frigid winters, but we also have super hot summers! We also have no shortage of moisture, between rain, snow and humid summers. Because of these factors, there are a few things to make sure to consider when building your home:


We always stress the importance of spending the extra money on high-quality windows, but it’s especially important when heating and cooling your home is a big factor! High-quality windows will help keep the AC in during the summer, and the heat inside during the winter – plus, you won’t have to pay to get them replaced as quickly! You get what you pay for, and windows are an investment that’s definitely worth it in the long run.

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Along the same lines, make sure your home is fully insulated! The attic, garage and porch are areas of your home to ensure you’ve thoroughly insulated to keep your home warm in the winter, cool in the summer and save on your electric and gas bills, too.

Basement waterproofing

Snow in the winter and rain in the spring and summer mean that basement leaking and flooding is an all-too-real concern in Minnesota homes. If you’re building a home with a basement, make sure it’s been properly waterproofed, and install moisture sensors to alert you in the case of a leak or flooding.

Roofing & siding

We probably sound like broken records, but making high-quality choices for your building materials is so very important when designing and building a home. We actually only use certain siding and roofing options in our homes, because we feel so strongly that a high-quality home starts with high-quality materials! Siding and roofing are two more areas that will help keep your home warm (or cool!) and dry, and keep it in good condition for years to come.

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Design/Build: Alma Homes

Consider the construction timeline

In an area with extreme weather patterns, the construction process can be a bit tricky. Snow puts a major delay on a lot of the building process, but winter is also an easier time to find contractors that are available. On those same lines, summer has longer, warmer days, but also incredibly busy contractors and rain that can put a damper on things. Springtime is often the best time to build a home in Minnesota, which is probably why we’ve been so busy lately!

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Think practically

As much as we love in-ground pools, outdoor kitchens and massive outdoor hosting spaces, Minnesota isn’t necessarily the right location for expensive outdoor features. The upkeep and cost of an outdoor pool is often simply not worth it for the couple of months each year of use, and the same goes for full outdoor kitchens and dining areas. Of course, if a pool is a must-have for you, it’s definitely doable! Just make sure to do your research on pool maintenance before making your decision. If you plan to have larger outdoor hosting spaces with a lot of furniture, make a plan for furniture storage during the winter, and choose landscaping options you can keep up with as well.

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Location, location, location

There are so many regions in Minnesota that make a wonderful home, whether you prefer a city feel, larger pieces of land, or something lakefront – after all, we’re known for our lakes! Make sure to do your research before buying a plot of land, in order to make sure the location fits your wants and needs. Keep in mind that you can, of course, generally get more land and house for your money the further you get out of the Twin Cities. The exception is waterfront property, which comes at a premium – but we think it’s more than worth it (after all, we built #thelakeloft on a lake for a reason!)

If you’ve built a house in Minnesota, we’d love to hear if you have anything to add to our list! If you’re interested in building your dream Minnesota home, make sure to reach out! We would love to make your house dreams a reality! In the meantime, come chat with us over on Instagram @AlmaHomes.

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