The Best Spring Decor Trends of 2021

March 31, 2021


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A change in seasons always bring fresh decor and design inspiration, and we’ve been super inspired lately by the trends we’ve been seeing this year. We’re excited to share some of the styles happening in home decor right now!

Warm tones

Just like we talked about in our 2021 design trend predictions, color schemes are taking a turn towards warmer tones, like beiges, and much less grey! We’re also seeing more pops of color in general, and less all-white-everything. We can definitely get on board with a bit more color, even though you know we love our neutrals!

Photo: Spacecrafting Photography
Design: Alma Homes


Rattan has been making a huge comeback, and we love the natural, neutral texture it adds! In light fixtures, furniture, vases and other decor, rattan is an easy choice for adding interest to your spaces. If you can’t quite commit to rattan furniture yet, try smaller pieces to get a feel for it first!

Photo: Spacecrafting Photography
Design: Alma Homes

Rounded Design

Curves are very in! Many people are opting for round furniture rather than straight angles, adding archways into architecture, and choosing rounded decor items, too! It definitely adds a softer look to your spaces.

Photo: Spacecrafting Photography
Design: Alma Homes

House plants

This is nothing new, but plants are a tried-and-true way to make your home feel like spring, and you can’t go wrong with bringing natural elements into your house! If you don’t have much of a green thumb (no judgement here!) there are tons of realistic faux plant options that add the same natural element to your home.

Photo: Spacecrafting Photography
Design: Alma Homes


Imagine a cozy, lived-in, not your grandma’s cottage vibe. Floral wallpaper, mix-and-matched furniture, velvet accents, blended together with modern touches to bring it up to date. Basically, this trend is the opposite of the also popular, minimalistic Scandinavian design. Similar to hygge, cottagecore is more than just a decor style; it embodies a feeling of home and simplicity, like baking bread and fresh wildflowers. Try it out by adding floral accents, vintage mirrors, and antique pieces into your home.

What is Cottagecore Décor? All About the Latest Design Trend | Dodd Home  Furnishings | Guin, AL
Photo: Dodd Home Furnishings

What spring trends are you enjoying in your home lately? We’d love to hear if you’re embracing any of these trends, or if you have more that you’d add to our list! Make sure to let us know in the comments below, and on Instagram too @AlmaHomes!

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