The Best Accessories for Organizing Your Fridge

January 26, 2023


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Earlier this month we shared some of our favorite kitchen organization tips to start your new year out on the right foot! We love a clean and organized space, but understand it can be overwhelming where to start and how to find the best products to effectively organize a space. We’ve already shared how to organize your cabinets, so today we’re tackling another challenging space–the fridge.

Organizing your fridge can be an intimidating task, but also comes with so much reward! Knowing exactly what you have makes meal planning and grocery shopping so much easier. It can also help with minimizing food waste since you can clearly see what you have left to use up before buying more! To help you effectively organize your fridge, we’re rounding up some of our favorite Amazon products that will completely transform your space!

1. Water Bottle Organizer | 2. Condiment Organizer 3. Lazy Susan | 4. Leftover Containers |
5. Egg Storage Container | 6. Wine Bottle Organizer | 7. Can Organizer | | 8. Organization Bins
9. Fruit Storage Containers | 10. Stackable Storage Containers | 11. Hanging Organizer | 12. Drink Organizer

Step 1: Declutter

At the beginning of any organization project, it’s important to go through what you have and get rid of anything that is expired. This allows you to organize only viable items and a good way to clear space of items that don’t belong in the fridge any longer! (This is also a great time to wipe down your fridge with disinfectant!) Once you’ve gone through and have you the items you’re keeping, separate them into categories: leftovers, fruits and veggies, and condiments and drinks. When it will comes to putting everything back in the fridge, having the space organized by categories will allow you to easily access and find what you are looking for every time!

Step 2: Organize Your Drinks and Condiments

If you’re anything like us, we love having a wide variety of drink options to choose from. One of our favorite ways to keep these organized, and optimize fridge space, is with a drink organizer! Whether you prefer cans, bottles, or both, there is an organizer for any option! When it comes to condiments, they are an easy item to let get out of hand. While utilizing your fridge door for condiment space is effective, it’s sometimes just not enough! We love using a lazy susan to organize excess condiments and allow for easy access without clutter (plus they come in lots of size options!)

kitchen design neutral cabinets paneled fridge sweater aesthetic kitchen organization

Step 3: Tidy Up Your Leftovers

Leftovers are a common item that is neglected when organizing your fridge. It’s easy to forget about the leftover chicken you made earlier this week when it’s hiding in the back of your fridge. We suggest investing in glass storage containers so you can easily see what leftovers you have to use up. The bamboo lids also allow you to stack containers and utilize vertical space!

Step 4: Organize Your Fruits, Veggies and Meats

The last step in organizing your fridge is organizing the items you’ll use most–the fruits, veggies and meats. We like to keep our meats in a separate drawer of our fridge for health and safety. It can be very overwhelming tackling your fruits and vegetables, so we recommend these stackable acrylic containers. They allow you to easily separate each of your items and see how much you have left. They also are dishwasher safe, so cleaning them in between uses is a breeze! If you have a smaller fridge and minimal shelf space, we recommend grabbing these handing drawers. They easily attached to the bottom of your fridge shelves and create extra storage space!

neutral kitchen design gold hardware paneled fridge hidden pantry wicker barstools tile backsplash

Now that you have a freshly cleaned and organized fridge space, go pour yourself a glass of well deserved wine, and store it in the fridge with your new wine organizer! Make sure to follow along on Instagram where we will share more Amazon finds and organization tips!

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