How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets in 2023

January 12, 2023


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If you’re anything like us, once all of the holiday decor is put away, organizing your home becomes a high priority. We love to start out the new year with a clean, organized space, but sometimes the thought of how to organize your home, and where to even start, can be completely overwhelming.

Last January, we focused on organizing our closet and we were obsessed with our results! You can read the full closet organization post we wrote here. This year, we’re tackling another area that tends to get out of control – the kitchen.

While the kitchen can be an intimidating place to organize, nothing feels better than walking into a space where you know exactly where every item is. To help you get off on the right foot, we’re sharing some of our favorite amazon products that help keep everything in the kitchen tidy.

1. Clear Drawer Organizer | 2. Spice Jars & Labels | 3. Plastic Wrap Drawer Organizer | 4. Shelf | 5. Lazy Susan | 6. Oxo Pop Containers | 7. Under Sink Two Tiered Organizer | 8. Dry Good Canisters | 9. Tiered Drawer Spice Organizer | 10. Ziploc Bag Organizer

Step 1: Start by Organizing Your Kitchen Drawers

We like to start with the kitchen drawers because organizing your drawers is one of the best ways to optimize your space and avoid clutter. Take everything out of them (I know, scary!), and make three piles: keep, donate, trash. Here’s a tip: if you haven’t used it in over a year, it’s probably time to donate it. If you have duplicates of an item, donate those too. When it comes time to put all of your kitchen gadgets back in their drawers, it helps to keep things tidy by putting them in organizers. We absolutely love the Ziploc bag and saran wrap/alumininum foil organizers to get rid of the disaster that is all the bent and ripped boxes they come in.

Step 2: Tackle Your Spices

As cooking lovers, we have a TON of spices in our kitchen. One of our favorite ways to keep these organized (and have a cohesive look), is with matching spice jars and labels. We absolutely love these ones from Amazon. The bamboo lids add a warm look to the jars and the minimalist labels fit perfectly with any style kitchen. If you struggle with your spice drawer getting out of control, this tiered organizer is a great solution to keep things looking tidy. Bonus points if you organize them alphabetically!

spice organization olive oil dispensers salt and pepper kitchen organization

Step 3: Organize Your Pantry Cabinets

If there is one thing we hate, it’s wasting money – and if you can’t easily SEE what is in your kitchen cabinets, there’s a high likelihood some of that food that gets shoved way in the back will probably be expired by the time you find it. These shelves are a great way to stack food so it doesn’t fall into a piled mess in the back of the cabinet. We also love lazy susans so you can easily see everything.

If you’re feeling extra motivated, you can put your dry goods (such as pasta, beans, oatmeal) in clear canisters. Having the food in a uniform container as opposed to mismatched boxes makes everything visually much more cohesive. We also love the oxo pop containers if you’re concerned about the containers properly sealing.

Step 4: Declutter Underneath the Kitchen Sink

Yep, we know, this is the area where things go to die. When we cleaned underneath our kitchen sink, we couldn’t believe what we found! From cleaning supplies to plastic bags to dishwasher pods, it was a disaster. So, we got rid of everything we didn’t need, and then bought these tiered drawers to store dishwasher pods and extra sponges. We love that they stack so we don’t have worry about them sliding around.

There can be a lot of wasted space in the cabinet under the sink, so you want to utilize the vertical space, not just the horizontal. We love these aesthetic shelves for an extra layer of storage (plus it pulls out for easy access).


That wasn’t so bad now was it?! With a few simple products and a little time organizing, your kitchen will be ready to tackle 2023. Make sure to follow along on Instagram where we share more Amazon finds and organization ideas!

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