The Best Cabinet & Millwork Details to Enhance Your Home

April 4, 2024


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Design Tips
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Tired of seeing the basic wainscoting and bead board details, but you still want something in your home that adds some character? Below we’ve put together some of our favorite and unique design details related to cabinets and millwork. Whether your building new, remodeling, or tackling a DIY project to give your home a facelift, here are some ideas that you are sure to fall in love with!

Reeded Vanity

#PineGroveProject By Alma Homes

We love reeded anything, but reeded cabinet and drawer doors will always have us drooling. It is such a simple yet stunning way to spice up boring cabinets in a bathroom, kitchen, or bar! Make it the focal point of a space or simply have it as a more subtle accent piece depending on what room.

Fluted Vanity

#OronoOrchard By Alma Homes

Similar to reeded cabinets is fluted cabinets. The main difference between the two is that reeded cabinets are often tinier, tighter bumps, while fluted cabinets are more spaced out scoops or waves. Both are equally stunning, the tie breaker boils down to personal preference. Adding texture to a space creates visual interest, so why not do it with cabinets!

Cabinet Door Cutouts

#OronoOrchard By Alma Homes

By door cutouts, we mean small holes in cabinet doors in a fun shape to allow for venting. We primarily suggest adding them in mudrooms specifically because this is where smelly shoes and wet coats get hung up the most. The cutouts help the inside of the cabinet breathe from the stuffy outdoor gear hung up in there.

Transom Windows

#OronoOrchard By Alma Homes

Transom windows are small windows above either an interior or exterior door and are not so common as they used to be- but they are making a come back. We love the character they bring to a home, since they used to be more popular in old victorian homes. Plus, they are both aesthetic as well as functional. Transom windows allow light (and sometimes air) between rooms even when the door is closed, perfect for a main floor!

Wainscoting With Pegs

#CoastalCustom By Alma Homes

A sneak peak at #CoastalCustom… seriously cannot get over how adorable these hooks are above the bead board. We included these both in the primary bathroom to hang towels and robes up by the bathtub as well as near the front door for guests to hang their coats. Talk about merging design and convenience!

Reeded Board & Batten

By Custom One Homes

A bonus feature we saw at the Parade of Homes from Custom One Homes is this fun board and batten design. Above that actual board and batten is a reeded strip along the length of the walls. This is a unique way to level up a typical board and batten design in a timeless way!

We honestly cannot decide which accent detail is our favorite… so we’ll take ’em all! Each feature is so versatile to be molded into any home or room, so if you are a creative duckling, you could take these up a notch and make something even more unique. Let us know which one is your favorite on our instagram.

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