What You Need to Know About Entry Door Hardware

March 28, 2024


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POV: a burglar tries to break into your home. What’s that? You have high tech locks on your exterior doors and they can’t get in? Phew, good thing you read this blog and you’re safe.

Keep reading to find out which type of entry door hardware would work best for your home.

Multipoint Locks

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Multipoint lock systems are safer than the standard deadbolt door handles because they typically have three deadbolts instead of one. There would need to be much more force to break in since the bolts are normally at the top, middle, and bottom of the door. Sealing the door from top to bottom, the system has added security from the addition and placement of the deadbolts. We install multipoint locks on doors that are 8 feet or taller in clients’ homes.

Handle Sets

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We almost always use a handleset on doors for our clients because they make a statement. Handle set hardware has a decorative handle on the exterior side of the door and often a lever or knob on the interior side of the door. The deadbolt can be a separate plate above the handle or it could be all one piece. The exterior handle usually consists of a thumb lever or button to open the door… fancy yet timeless!

Electronic Locks

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WiFi locks rely on… you guessed it, WiFi! The door lock connects to your home WiFi to be controlled from your phone or an access code, and it can be controlled both in your home and from far away! The system is controlled through an app, so you can set your setting to receive notifications such as when your door is opened.


Bluetooth smart locks are similar to WiFi locks except they don’t have as many features. However, they are typically more secure and difficult to hack. They only allow access to the door when the key is nearby and detected by bluetooth. For added convenience, some systems allow you to send someone a digital key from your phone to access the door.


Keypad door locks are pretty straight forward. They work similar to a regular entry lock, but you don’t need a physical key to unlock the deadbolt. You just need the passcode! There is a keypad on the exterior of the door instead of a keyhole and you just enter the code to unlock the door. Most of these types of locks lock the door automatically every time it closes, so you never have to wonder if you locked your front door or not!


Want to feel like you are in the FBI or CIA? Biometric door locks can only be unlocked from the recognization of a unique body feature such as your face, retina (eye), voice, or fingerprint. The system can store more than one person’s features, so it can be used for a family as well as commercially! Biometric locks are possibly the safest smart lock because you have to physically be there to unlock the door and they are difficult to hack.

Are you a fan of technology entry hardware or are you one to stick to the classic handles with a physical key? We do a mixture of both in clients’ homes depending on how they live and use their home. All of these have their advantages and disadvantages but all are a way to step up your game in front door handles!

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