#TheHighlandsHouse Master Bath Reveal

January 16, 2018


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If there’s one thing we believe, it’s that every house deserves a master bath.  While it isn’t always possible, we like to do whatever we can to add this little touch of luxury to our clients’ homes.  When we first toured #thehighlandshouse, not only did it not have a master bathroom, it had a total of one bathroom for the whole house.  Scratch that, it DID have a second lone toilet in the middle of the basement, but umm…yeah.  That was a little weird, so basically it had one bathroom.

The existing bathroom was long and fairly spacious, so we ended up reconfiguring some items a little bit, stealing some space from the master bedroom, and creating not one, but two bathrooms upstairs.

The best part was the master bedroom was huge to begin with, so while it is on the smaller side now, you can still easily fit a king size bed in there, AND, you have a bathroom large enough for double vanities.  We kept a little space next to the vanities for a furniture piece for additional storage in the bathroom.

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